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#SWEATATHOME42 >> FREE 42-Day At-Home Workout Plan

Get ready for fat-burning workouts, life-changing mindset strategies, booty exercises galore (woo!) and lots of fun along the way. GRAB YOUR FREE 42-DAY HOME WORKOUT PLAN  Gone are the days of having “no time” to work out or trying to navigate a sweaty gym with lots of complicated equipment you don’t know how to use. […]

Getting Rid of Sugar Cravings: Willpower or Brain Chemistry??

Sugar cravings can manifest themselves in many different ways! I hear one of these 3 (nearly verbatim) every single week…. “I was doing sooooo good 😫😫 ! I didn’t have any sugar all week and then Friday night came around and I ate the whole pint of ice cream.” (this is the most obvious form […]

My Top 4 Ways to Be More Positive >> Right Now!

I get asked so many question and I LOVE  it! Sometimes people ask me a question and I have immediate input or advice and other times I am like, “Hmm…I am not sure what I think about that or how I feel about that right now…let me get back to you.” Over the last few […]

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