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My Top 4 Ways to Be More Positive >> Right Now!

I get asked so many question and I LOVE  it! Sometimes people ask me a question and I have immediate input or advice and other times I am like, “Hmm…I am not sure what I think about that or how I feel about that right now…let me get back to you.” Over the last few […]

DIY Coffee Scrub: Reduce Cellulite & Tighten the Skin

This coffee scrub recipe has made it’s way into a lot of beauty days at my house, which also means it’s made a cameo a time or two on my Instagram stories (I share everything!). This DIY coffee scrub recipe is super simple to make, is a great way to get a second use out […]

8 Half-Marathon Training Mistakes I’ll Never Make Again

This year, 2018, has been the year of the half marathon. I decided last year to run the Vienna City Half Marathon on April 22, 2018 (Earth Day!) and my speed and endurance training plan has been going on since the year started. This will be my4th half marathon and at the end of EVERY […]

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