Welcome to LifeLikeLunden

may 2012-11


Hey everyone! I am really excited to welcome you to my new website. After a few years of blogging, training and social media growth, my goal with this website is to be a compilation of everything that I have learned and have to offer in the health and fitness industry. As is everything, this website is a growing process and I will constantly be updating it with a lot of information and how to live a healthy and BALANCED lifestyle. Fitness has no finish line, it is FOR LIFE and I look forward to sharing tips that have worked in my life and the lives of my clients through what has now become the name of my training business—Life Like Lunden.

I have all of my training packages available for purchase under the Training section. I offer one-on-one, buddy and group training packages in the Orange County, CA area. The sessions are all one hour long, new, creative, innovative and EFFECTIVE. I have a huge passion for training people, I could not ask for a better job.

I have cleared out my entire blog content and I have decided to start new and fresh with clearer and more thought out posts composed of the most awesomely interesting topics in the world of health and fitness. Look for updated content weekly featuring topics on workout ideas, new equipment I love, recipes & a plethora of motivation.

Super excited that I am now the Runtastic Fitness Coach. If you have not heard of Runtastic, you definitely should! Runtastic makes a bunch of different fitness apps including the Runtastic PRO app which tracks a bunch of different fitness activities, records your data and saves it on your personal profile on Runtastic.com and allows for tons of encouragement and sharing with your friends on social media. I partnered with Runtastic and the end of 2012 and we launched the Runtastic Fitness YouTube Channel in December of 2012 where I upload videos weekly giving you tips on how to improve your health and fitness throughout your everyday life. In just 5 months, the channel has exceeded 20,000 subscribers and growing each day (SUBSCRIBE HERE)!

In addition to being a Certified Personal Trainer, I am now a TRX qualified trainer as well as a Certified Tabata Bootcamp Instructor. I have added these to my training packages.

Thanks again for coming to check out my page! If you are interested in personal training packages, nutritional planning, or just want good information about healthy living you should contact me, come back to visit my website & get connected.