Powerful Leg Circuit (will leave you sore for days)

They don’t call me “Lunden legs” for nothing! I absolutely love training legs. Today I have a powerful leg circuit for you that is a mix of strength training (with weights), some plyometric and body weight training as well. Since I am feeling extra generous today, I will go ahead and give you the ENTIRE workout, from start to finish including the warm up, core series & leg circuit. I very rarely do the same workout twice, but I wrote this one down specifically because it was a real challenge.

powerful leg circuit

Warm up:

10 minute walking on the treadmill


 6 minute plank series

(1 min each variation)

-elbow plank

-side elbow plank L

-side elbow plank R

– plank

-side plank L

-side plank R

**Note, this is very difficult and I have been planking for a really long time in order to work up to this amount. Just do your best and hold each variation for as long as YOU can. Make note of this number and then try it again another time and try to beat your time.**


Do each exercise for 1 minute and then move onto the next exercise as quickly as possible. Rest as you need because this workout is intense!

1. Weighted Squats (preferably at the squat rack)

Make sure you keep a tight & activated core. I want you to lift heavy here so make sure you have your core in control. As always, make sure you really stick that butt out so your knees do not come beyond your toes.

2. Resisted Side Steps

resisted side step

Make sure you keep a slight bend in your knees at all times (you can even go into a deeper squat if you want to further challenge yourelf). Depending how much space you have, go for 3-5 steps one direction before you switch. When stepping, if you drive more with your heel you will recruit more booty and if you drive more with your toe you will recruit more quads. You can choose which variation depending on what you would like to do (I usually go for booty).

3. Curtsy lunges

curtsy lunge

4. Switch lunges

Load into a lunge position checking that the front knee isn’t going beyond the toe. Lunge down to create a bit of power and then jump and switch your legs landing into a lunge on the other side. Try to make this as quick and explosive as possibly. This exercise is a real burn out. Your form is the most important, so make sure you have good form to perform this explosive exercise.

Rest for 60-90 secs then repeat 3-5x

Burn baby, burn!!

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