DIY Coffee Scrub: Reduce Cellulite & Tighten the Skin

This coffee scrub recipe has made it’s way into a lot of beauty days at my house, which also means it’s made a cameo a time or two on my Instagram stories (I share everything!). This DIY coffee scrub recipe is super simple to make, is a great way to get a second use out of the coffee grinds and simply feels AMAZING on the skin. It strikes a great balance between abrasion and hydration.

I feel so rejuvenated and like one million bucks every time I do this scrub…which is why I do it 3-5x per week! Plus, it includes Slim & Sassy essential oil – one of my favorite essential oil blends EVER from doTERRA!

Benefits of coffee scrubs

  • improves circulation
  • exfoliates away dead skin cells
  • tightens, brightens & firms up the skin
  • reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • softens & hydrates the skin

How to make your own coffee scrub at home


  • Brewed coffee grounds
    • Please use QUALITY, ORGANIC coffee because your skin eats too! 
  • Fractionated coconut oil
    • This is the coconut oil that doesn’t get hard. You can use regular coconut oil for cooking as well…but don’t put it in the fridge or it will get SUPER hard! If you do this, I recommend just making a small amount to use one time.
  • Slim & Sassy Essential Oil from doTERRA


  1. Take the coffee grounds out of the coffee maker and put them into a glass bowl or container.
  2. Add in the fractionated coconut oil to the bowl 1 Tbsp at a time. I don’t have a specific amount here because you really can make it the consistency you prefer. I like mine to feel like mud. Oh, and I use fractionated coconut oil instead of olive oil because I would rather smell like coconuts than olives…that’s it.
  3. Add in 5 drops of Slim & Sassy Essential oil
  4. Stir and put in the fridge.


  1. The cellulite coffee scrub can be used for up to a week if stored in the fridge. I notice after 5-7 days mold starts to appear in my glass container. The faster you use it the better! Scrub that sexy body!
  2. Be mindful of your inner thighs, arm bits, chest/breasts and other sensitive areas when scrubbing. Be gentle <3