6-Week Mind Body Love Program

Are you ready to get your MIND right and your BODY tight?

Are you ready to FINALLY LOVE yourself?

Let me guess…

  • You’ve lost your motivation and can’t seem to find a HEALTHY BALANCE in your life
  • You’re feeling a bit “meh” and you want to GET IN SHAPE & boost your CONFIDENCE
  • You are ready for an ENERGY BOOST that will actually last
  • You need some ACCOUNTABILITY & SUPPORT to help you reach your goals
  • You like to work out, but you’re looking to bring more VARIETY & FUN to your workouts
  • You want to eat healthy, but you’re sick of “dieting”
  • You want to feel confident, happy & vibrant IN YOUR OWN SKIN!

This is EXACTLY why I created the 6-week Mind Body Love Program to help you find your BALANCE, ENERGY & get in the BEST SHAPE of your life! 

Starting Monday, September 30th, 2019 – we will embark on a 6-week transformational journey TOGETHER to help you get in amazing shape, find your ENERGY & BALANCE & improve the lives of others and the planet!

In the Mind Body Love Program you will get…

  • 6 weeks of support, accountability & coaching from me!
  • 4 workouts every week (bodyweight, yoga & fun exercises!)
  • Weekly challenges to up-level your mindset & motivation
  • Nutrition guide & tons of simple, delicious recipes
  • Everyday access to your exclusive Facebook Group
  • LIVE videos & teachings and even a cooking class!
  • Solid understanding of how to create your own healthy meal plan
  • Top mindset strategies to stay motivated and on track
  • Deep connections —  you might even find a soul sister or two!

Here’s what some of the participants from the Mind Body Love Program in Spring had to say…

“The Mind Body Love Challenge has made a BIG difference for me. My happiness and productivity has increased. I skip the bus and take a walk and listen to music because I just feel happy! I am more energized to get sh*t done and do it well. I truly feel my clothes are fitting better and I am not criticizing myself in the mirror anymore. This challenge has made a massive change in my life here and it’s mostly because I feel like I belong.” – Marike, South Africa

“I feel a deeper connection to my body. I found my love for moving and from moving my body I can feel there is a lot moving on the inside, too! As a kindergarten teacher I feel much more active with the kids. It’s incredible how much my life changed in “just” 6 short weeks!– Stefanie, Austria


Hi I’m Your Coach Lunden 🙂

I am a Fitness & Lifestyle Transformation Coach obsessed with traveling the world helping my clients go from crazy busy to crazy HAPPY! I am on a mission to break the cycle of no time and no energy with those who are ready to stop feeling stuck in their lives, jobs, relationships and/or fitness and ready to UP-LEVEL and find their PURPOSE!