What workout should I do today?

Here are 5 questions you should ask yourself, after you ask yourself…”What workout should I do today?” I really believe that the power to a great workout and training plan is…


I don’t really care SO much about what your workout of the day is – as long as it’s something you can stick to and show up to on a regular basis with power and progress! Even if working out isn’t your favorite thing in the world, you still show up.

These 5 questions will make it super clear and simple for you to see which workout you should be leaning towards.

5 questions to ask yourself about working out

1. What did I do yesterday?

Unless you’re training for a race or something in particular that calls for multiple days of the same discipline – try to mix it up 🙂 Yeah you’re going to probably walk and move your body quite similarly every day, but when it comes to your workouts they should be different and challenge you in new ways. If you did upper body yesterday, give it a rest today. Your body needs time to recover and restore.

2. What sounds like “fun”?

I put “fun” in quotes because everyone’s idea of fun in a workout is different :p For example: I think burpees (of all kinds) are really fun and someone else might (and does) think I am absolutely crazy! Do something that you’re excited about, that has the music (or no music) that you like, the people (or no people) that make you happy and just overall gives you a good feeling and vibe. You know what that feels like for you – I don’t have to explain it anymore 🙂 And if you don’t – go out and TRY NEW THINGS to find it.

3. How much time do I have?

That’s important – right? Whether you have 10 minutes or a full hour, you can fit in a really great workout but you need to own and protect that time and then execute like the boss that you are during that time. Have you ever thought, “Oh I have 15 minutes, let me squeeze in a workout right here at home”…but then 5 of those minutes are spent getting dressed slowly while simultaneously checking your phone and figuring out which matching socks to wear? Figure out how much time you have, put your blinders up to eliminate distraction and go for it!

4. What’s sore?

So you might now have done leg yesterday, but they sure can feel like it. DOMS (or delayed onset muscle soreness) can creep into hard-worked muscles and be sore for 2-3 days sometimes. If that happens, don’t train the sore muscle just because you DIDN’T train it yesterday. You know what I mean? Use these questions in a way that works for your body.

5. How can I use my workout to dig deeper and have a breakthrough/make progress in another area of my life?

The other day I went into my workout with the intention of “pulling up to new levels and the unknown in my business and personal life” and I did a bunch of pulling exercises with cables, dumbbells, barbells, etc. and had an awesome workout because my mind was really focused on that motivation, mantra – whatever you wanna call it. I was ON IT! If you’re walking into the gym without an intention or focus, find one fast.


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