2 Things You MUST Know About in 2020

Hiii friends 🙂 Yesterday was New Year’s day and I was super cliche and went LIVE on social media really bringing that fire and spreading around some motivation to you. Gotta light that fire under your booty – it’s 2020 let’s go!! You totally crushed it in 2019, and you should definitely look forward to the giant leaps and bounds you’re sure to make in 2020 if you continue on your journey with me.

Here are 2 things you must be in the know about in 2020…

1. Self Love & Sweat MONTHLY membership program

I think I am MOST excited about this because it’s really perfect for YOU! Whether you need a motivational tune up, workout refresher, strategies to find more time in your schedule (that actually WORK!) OR you’re a total beginner and have no clue where to start – you can hang with us every single month for 90 minutes. I created this Self Love & Sweat MONTHLY membership because it’s important that we are all able to connect from all over the world and learn, grow, sweat with and inspire one another. So if you’re in, you can join us for a month and cancel any time. It’s only $27 bucks per month OR you can get 1 year in advanced (since you’re the go-getter, committed person that you are) and get a month for free.

2. Clarity, Cleanse & Restore FREE CLEANSE for 15 bad-ass women ONLY

Join me and 15 other kick-ass chicks ready to make 2020 absolutely magical. We’re NOT talking about weight loss or cellulite or areas of our body we hate and want to “fix”. We have bigger fish to fry here! We are going to cultivate motivation, minimize distraction and really go for that PURPOSE, PLAN & ACTION! This is an APPLICATION ONLY process and I will be coaching you and other power women (like YOU!) for 30 days absolutely FREE. All you need to do is fill out this application. I’ll review it and we will be in contact to schedule a time to hop on a 2020 Best Life Strategy Session together. From there, you’ll need some supplements and a planner and you’re good to go! As long as you have the mandatory tools (supps & planner), I will teach you how to use them and I will not charge you for my time! Yes, I know but I am crazy and I love ya guys :p It’s going to be such an awesome time vibing with other unique women creating powerful vibrations all together! What do you say? APPLY HERE! I will email you back within 48 hours!

These are the 2 things I absolutely HAD to make sure you knew about in 2020. I want you to stay connected, break down those limiting beliefs and boundaries and really ROCK that life you know you deserve.

If you have ANY questions, feel free to email me at [email protected] or shoot me a TEXT or iMESSAGE to +1-323-840-5551.

Oh and if you haven’t grabbed my FREE GUIDE 9 secrets to your best body all year round (+ bonus audio) you can do that right now so you have some great ear candy to hold you over until we meet again!

Look forward to hanging with you every single month (and some of you even a whole 30 days – wow!)

– Lunden