WNLSY: Dry Skin! How To Combat Dry Skin with Exfoliation & Hydration

This week, let’s discuss alligator skin, and no, I’m not referring to the pair of loafers tucked away in the back of your closet! I’m addressing the dry skin that many of us experience when the weather cools down.

Chances are, you’ve been more conscious of the products you’re using on your face this year. You’ve bid farewell to the drugstore cleanser, discarded face masks with added fragrances, and completely upgraded your nighttime skincare routine.

Your facial skin is looking fantastic, and it’s all thanks to your improved skincare choices. So, let me say, I am so proud of you for making that change!

Did you know it’s just as important to care for the skin on the rest of your body? In fact, you cover a lot more surface area.

We often neglect moisturizing and exfoliating our bodies because it feels like more work, seems time-consuming, or we simply forget amidst our busy lives.

However, taking care of your skin could become a delightful part of your week with the right products and a simple way to incorporate them into your routine! It might even become a self-care ritual that you look forward to.

How to combat dry skin on body (exfoliation & hydration)

I recommend starting by exfoliating your skin twice a week. Why? Exfoliation removes the barrier of dead skin cells and allows your products to penetrate deeper into your skin, providing more hydration. It can also enhance your skin’s natural radiance – something we all desire! A fantastic product for this is the Sugarbuff Body Polish in Lemongrass.

After rinsing off the body polish and drying, treat your skin with the Luminous Hydration Body Oil. I like to mix this oil with my moisturizer, such as the Hydrating Body Lotion.

This body oil is lightweight, hydrates, and softens your skin. The botanical oils in this product lock in moisture, offering that extra layer of protection, essential in the cooler winter months!

If you’re ready for healthier and more radiant-looking skin, I highly encourage you to incorporate a simple skincare routine for your body at least twice a week to combat dry skin on your body.

Need help getting started? Send me a DM on IG @lifelikelunden 🙂 I’d love to help you brainstorm and find what works for you.

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