Life Coach

Hey, my name is Lunden Souza. Thanks so much for stopping by. Seriously!

Many people assume just because I have been in the fitness and health industry for over a decade that I was simply born with all my ducks in a row…but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I struggled too.. 

12 years ago, I was a full-time college student, part-time personal trainer and working various other jobs totalling 7 DAYS A WEEK OF WORKING! I was stuck in this “more is more” mentality…MORE workouts, MORE rigid diets, MORE meal prepping, MORE hours working, MORE hustle, MORE clients, MORE “perfection”…just MORE EVERYTHING!

Sound familiar?

Talk about exhausting…

Then I decided I needed a change so I moved abroad to Austria and started working at Runtastic thinking something new would give me a new perspective — and yet I got stuck again in this “more is more” spiral. Working tons of hours, taking on tons of roles, saying yes to everything. Despite LOVING (most of) what I was doing, I was working my brains out and when I wasn’t working I was either feeling guilty, sleeping because I was so tired, saying no to all social opportunities and really only saw worth in my working hours. Despite changing my physical location, it didn’t change my mentality. 

Maybe you can relate?

A few months shy of TOTALLY burning myself out I realized that I was taking on MUCH MORE than I wanted to handle. I WAS STUCK!! I wasn’t happy, I had a lot of anxiety, I was completely exhausted and I felt like I was in a cage that I didn’t have control over.  Work was just like a snowball effect rolling faster than I even cared to catch up with— because I wasn’t completely passionate about it anymore. I realized that while I enjoyed my overall “title” and purpose, I wasn’t executing it in a way that made me feel fulfilled and happy at the end of the day.

How do you put your health & happiness first? 
How do you step out of a situation that isn’t bringing you joy? 
How do you find the courage to do things differently? 
How do you put yourself first in a world where we often give, give, give until we break?

Seriously, IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT. 

Society bombards us with the idea that if we’re not doing 50 million things at once we’re somehow not good enough. Let’s not give into that!

Luckily I was able to find the courage to speak my voice and articulate why I needed to move on and focus on the 4 most important words: TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. 

I then created a business and lifestyle that allowed me to be in control of my time, schedule and ultimately my happiness. I have MORE TIME for me and for the people that I love WITHOUT FEELING GUILTY (seriously!). I’ve also been able to create a business that allows me to work from anywhere in the world helping people who are exactly where I was – stuck and frustrated (perhaps not even sure why!) and ready to level up and live a life of FREEDOM! I make more money in less time and I am able to GIVE and SERVE more to those in need – which is so important to me.

I am in the best shape I’ve EVER been in my life and I couldn’t be happier…

And now it’s my mission to help others JUST LIKE YOU who want more energy, to get in shape, who know they are meant for more but feel STUCK and FRUSTRATED in this vicious cycle of more is more to BREAK FREE! 

I help my VIP coaching clients discover their PURPOSE and how to live their DREAM LIFE with their DREAM BODY in a way that feels sustainable and relaxed and complete…and for everyone that looks and feels different. And that’s the beauty of it – your happiness isn’t dependent on how anyone else is finding their happiness…it’s unique to YOU! And I can help you get there. 🙂

I use my personal MBL model to help my clients get that FREEDOM & ABUNDANT ENERGY they’ve always desired! And nothing feels better than waking up every morning knowing that you’re living the life the YOU desire & deserve.

If you’re ready to UP-LEVEL your life in all areas, get UN-STUCK and go from crazy busy to crazy HAPPY…I would love to hop on a call and chat with you. Click here and fill out the application and we can hop on a FREE Best Life Strategy Session!


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