On Camera 101: How To Get SUPER Comfortable on Camera >> 90 Min Training + Personal Critique


  • Go from feeling super awkward to SUPER comfortable on camera
  • The 5 principles you NEED to master from the beginning
  • The difference between speaking live in person, on social media pre-recorded, on social media LIVE…we’re going to talk about all of it
  • How to know what to say without needing to memorize a script
  • How to NOT look like you’re reading a script even if you are 🙂
  • Little tweaks to make what you’re saying sound WAY MORE INTERESTING
  • Body language, speed, tone, all of it – you’re going to get SO GOOD at it!
  • Lighting, eyes, smile, “smizing” this is what my friends and I call it, and everything to make sure you LOOK your best
  • How to make the most out of a video you create (how to repurpose, reduce, reuse, recycle :p which means LESS WORK on your side)

I can’t wait to work with you to get better on video, look and FEEL your best on camera! #nomoreawkward #iknowwhattodowithmyhands