On Camera 101 Course & Coaching: How To Get SUPER Comfortable on Camera



“I am so grateful to have had Lunden, with her first hand experience, help me improve my digital game. In light of the pandemic I can honestly say that the need has never been greater to establish a feeling of connection with our clients online. Lunden has shown me some amazing tips to help me behind the camera as well as during live interviews.” – Dr. Dixie Short @askdrdeednm DNM, PhD in Natural Medicine and owner of Ask Dr. Dee

“I have hosted webinars, created online courses and have even done LIVE workouts on social media and I NEVER thought I would be doing that with confidence. Lunden brings out the best in you!” – Jessica, Financial Wellness Coach

  • 90 min video training
  • 1 personal 30-Min VIP coaching session with Lunden
  • 2 Rounds of video feedback OR 2 videos with 1 round of feedback
  • Go from feeling super awkward to SUPER comfortable on camera
  • The 5 principles you NEED to master from the beginning or jump right on now if you haven’t already :p (I’m sure you’re rocking it if you are already on camera – but you can and will do WAY better!)
  • The difference between speaking live in person, on social media pre-recorded, on social media LIVE…we’re going to talk about all of it
  • How to know what to say without needing to memorize a script
  • How to NOT look like you’re reading a script even if you are 🙂
  • Little tweaks to make what you’re saying sound WAY MORE INTERESTING
  • Body language, speed, tone, all of it – you’re going to get SO GOOD at it!
  • Lighting, eyes, smile, “smizing” this is what my friends and I call it, and everything to make sure you LOOK your best
  • How to make the most out of a video you create (how to repurpose, reduce, reuse, recycle :p which means LESS WORK on your side)

I can’t wait to work with you to get better on video, look and FEEL your best on camera! #nomoreawkward #iknowwhattodowithmyhands