8 Weeks *VIP ALL ACCESS* Strong At Home 4 Women


You are SO READY for VIP! How do we know? Because you are here on this page and you know that you can’t get results faster & smarter without solid support & coaching…period!

On top of the full 8-week plan that will get you progressively stronger right from home…

We are so excited to be able to offer VIP access to a limited amount of serious women who are ready to get results and get stronger inside and out! Our biggest piece of coaching advice: DON’T DO IT ALONE!

You might think you don’t need accountability, support, a place to ask your questions and to get help when you need it…but you do!

That accountability and support is what’s going to help us really push our limits and get this workouts done! It’s time to make progress and get stronger, right?

You can, of course, do the plan on it’s own – but if you go for VIP access here’s what you’re going to get and you’re going to be obsessed with it:

– 24/7 access in our exclusive Slack group to ask your questions and get answers and the support you need right when you need it

– 3 LIVE Fireside chats on Zoom with your coaches Lunden & Ella! We will hop on Zoom for an hour (or longer if we need it!) talk about exercise form, goal setting, tracking progress, staying consistent, plus get your questions answered, celebrate your wins and more!

– Supplementation & Nutrition recommendations: There isn’t any nutrition guidance in this program on it’s own. As a VIP member, you will get access to a ton of healthy recipes, gain a ton of knowledge on protein, carbs, fat, fiber & MORE and really gain a solid understanding of what it means to eat healthy and for your goals.

– Giveaways to the most engaged and focused women periodically throughout the 8 weeks!

BONUS #1: LIVE Workouts with Lunden on the Salut App 2-3x per week (join in on the same workout or do the workout you planned for the day – community is key!)

BONUS #2: FREE ACCESS to all workout replays (LIVE is always FREE, but replays are only free for VIP ALL ACCESS members)

BONUS #3: 8 BONUS Audio Coaching Sessions with Lunden & Ella so you can learn, get inspired, stay focused & feel strong right through your ears!

BONUS #4: Ella’s Strong Mind At Home Journal Prompts for strong mental health