Strong At Home for Women

Your 8-week home strength training plan, coaching and community for women who want REAL results & to get stronger from the inside out! VIP ALL ACCESS Coaching is NOW OPEN – we start Oct 25th! (early bird pricing ends Oct 21 @ midnight PST)

This program is for YOU if you're ready to...

  • Get stronger, build lean muscle and boost your endurance and motivation right from home in only 8 weeks!

  • Unlock what your health & fitness routine has been missing and preventing you from getting results that actually last!

  • Learn from 2 of the best in the industry on how to safely progress exercises at home or at the gym, train effectively and get stronger faster!

  • Reignite and reboot your motivation so you never have to “start over” again.

  • Drop the excuses and actually take action (you can’t do it without you!)

  • STOP trying to do it on your own and step into what it actually feels like to FEEL YOUR BEST!

You could be next...

VIP ACCESS?! Say what...??

*We are so excited to be able to offer VIP access to a limited amount of serious women who are ready to get results and get stronger inside and out! Our biggest piece of coaching advice: DON’T DO IT ALONE! Our next round of VIP all access starts October 25th!

You might think you don’t need accountability, support, a place to ask your questions and to get help when you need it…but you do!

That accountability and support is what’s going to help us really push our limits and get this workouts done! It’s time to make progress and get stronger, right?

You can, of course, do the plan on it’s own – but if you go for VIP access here’s what you’re going to get and you’re going to be obsessed with it:

24/7 access in our exclusive Slack group to ask your questions and get answers and the support you need right when you need it

3 LIVE Fireside chats on Zoom with your coaches Lunden & Ella! We will hop on Zoom for an hour (or longer if we need it!) talk about exercise form, goal setting, tracking progress, staying consistent, plus get your questions answered, celebrate your wins and more!

Supplementation & Nutrition recommendations: There isn’t any nutrition guidance in this program on it’s own. As a VIP member, you will get access to a ton of healthy recipes, gain a ton of knowledge on protein, carbs, fat, fiber & MORE and really gain a solid understanding of what it means to eat healthy and for your goals.

BONUS #1: BONUS Audio Coaching Sessions with Lunden & Ella so you can learn, get inspired, stay focused & feel strong right through your ears!

BONUS #2: Ella’s Strong Mind At Home Journal Prompts for strong mental health

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Here's how to know if the 8-week Strong At Home for Women Plan is for you...

You're ready to get stronger

The plan is called STRONG At Home for women…that’s going to be our goal. We’ll track your progress along the way so you can actually look at your results from different angles. This plan is for ALL levels and expertly-designed to guide you from where you are to where you want to be.

You want a plan to hold you accountable to your goals...for real this time.

It can be a challenge to get started…But complaining doesn’t burn calories :p You want an effective program that will also hold you accountable and keep you making healthy choices so you never have to “start over” again.

You want a step-by-step plan + support and guidance

This is a science-based plan and super structured in a way to help you build strength. You’re going to make so much progress because this way of training is really detailed, safe and effective. We will be guiding you every step of the way.

You have dumbbells at home or some sort of weight (ideally 3 sets to progress)

You can use cans, water bottles, water bottles with mud inside…get creative if you have to. Ideally you’d have 3 sets of weights that get heavier so you can progress with the weights in the exercises. Be committed to being resourceful and finding a way to get your hands on some dumbbells. (

Here's an overview of the VIP weekly module topics we will visit and revisit over the next 8 weeks...

Week 1: Finding your why

Week 2: The KEYS You're Missing To Set Yourself Up For Success

Week 3: Let's talk about rest, baby!

Week 4: Motivation & Consistency (how to make it stick!)

Week 5: Reconnecting with your WHY

Week 6: Working out & mental health

Week 7: Working out & female hormones

Week 8: The 'Big R' (so you never have to "start over" again!)

Check out this video below for an insiders-peek at our exclusive VIP members slack group!

Meet Lunden.

Lunden Souza (Co-creator of #strongathome4women) is an Online Lifestyle Transformation Coach helping women all over the world get their mind right, body tight, and show up in life and on camera with clarity and confidence! She's been making video almost daily for the last 13 years (8 years professionally for brands like adidas, adidasRuntastic and Red Bull!) and knows the struggle of owning it in front of the camera. It used to take her 8 hours to film one video and she would still pick herself apart and feel like she was rambling. Sound familiar?

And now it’s her mission to help others JUST LIKE YOU show up more consistently and confidently on camera with more passion for your purpose and message (and look good no matter what).

Meet Ella.

Hi! My name is Ella Caggiano (Co-creator of #strongathome4women) ! I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, and I help people get RESULTS & reach their goals in HEALTHY, SUSTAINABLE ways. When it comes to balancing all the different facets of your life that keep you busy… I get it. As a full-time college student, Fitness Trainer, a member of my college Powerlifting Team along with other engagements, I KNOW how hard it can be to achieve a balance. For many, getting to the gym every day simply is not an option. Lunden and I have made it a mission to bring fitness home and make it accessible to all. We are so excited to bring you a program that will help you build muscle, burn fat, and gain strength and confidence along the way! Whether you’re a complete beginner or an advanced lifter, these workouts will PUSH your limits, CHALLENGE your body, and GIVE you the results you’ve been looking for.