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Is Pro-Aging the New Anti-Aging? Redefining ‘Senior’ with Gail Gensler

The term ‘senior’ was coined in 1967 and pro-aging lifestyle model Gail Gensler, who is in her 60’s, believes that it’s time to retire the word senior! Lunden recently had a powerful conversation with Gail on episode #102 on Self Love & Sweat THE PODCAST all about a pro-aging mindset (instead of anti-aging), the lack […]

What’s Your WHY? Why I Started A Podcast, Goal Setting & Fulfillment

Forget about your goals for a moment. I want to know: What’s your WHY? We all have things we’d like to achieve one day — better body, better career, time freedom, financial independence. But the hard truth is that some of us are better at achieving those goals than others, and it almost always comes […]

2 POWERFUL Mindset Tools to Regulate Nervous System, Grow & Learn

These are the 2 BEST mindset tools that have nothing to do with working out. They will be super helpful for you whether you’re totally into mindset work or you’re just starting to dive in. 1. AHA Moment Integration Raise your hand if you’ve ever read a great book, watched an awesome Ted Talk, went […]

Fitness Chat & Overcoming the Comparison Trap with Ella Caggiano and Lunden Souza

What does fitness mean to you? How do you manage the comparison trap? And how do you make fitness about more than just what you look like or what type of physique you have? Lunden & Ella dive deep into an awesome conversation about redefining what fitness means to you, overcoming the comparison trap and […]

Wine, Fun and Q&A with Friends (FULL TRANSCRIPT EP 93)

Lunden decides to press record on a game of Q&A with her 2 close friends, Allie and Gia, who have no idea what questions she’s about to ask them. Yes there is wine involved and a lot of fun and honesty. This is the perfect game to play with your friends. A little friends history […]

Being Kind to Yourself & Others >> 4 Top Takeaways

Lunden is joined again on the podcast by her Life Coach & NLP Coach, Scott Gates, talking all about being kind to yourself and extending it to others as well. Scott has been Lunden’s coach for the last 5-6 years and in this episode they talk about great stuff like: What does it mean to […]

7 Tips to Make Fitness A Lifestyle

Raise your hand if you want to stop starting over, break the all-or-nothing mindset and actually make fitness a lifestyle! ::everyone raises hand:: I mean who doesn’t want that, right? In Episode #90 of Self Love & Sweat THE PODCAST, I share my top 7 tips from over 13 years of coaching to help you […]

Nonviolent Communication: 4 Steps to Better Communication

In the the book, Nonviolent Communication by, Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD, it says that nonviolent communication is a way of communicating that allows you to give from the heart. In communication, there are some conversations that can be really hard to have. Conversations that people avoid, conversations where it’s easier to just brush things under […]