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Check out what others are saying about breathwork with Lunden:

Lunden’s voice, music choice and knowledge was so amazing to experience. I’m not the type to take time for myself to do breathing exercises and now I’m definitely going to make this a routine!

I can’t wait for my other family members and friends to experience this 🙂

Breathwork session helped me to relax after a long day, focus on listening to my body and how’s it feeling. I had a very nice, stress-free evening and felt much better than I usually do in the evening.

I loved to breathwork allowed me to stay present, be in the moment and to focus on my body. Thank you for this seasion!

I really enjoyed the Breathwork Session with Lunden. I was surprised what transformation can be initiated by a short time of conscious, guided breathing…Overall a great experience, thanks again!

After the very first session, I felt less anxious and felt repositioned to receive the new opportunities of the day.

Loved the CTA to smile. I didn’t know I hadn’t in awhile.

Loved the voice guidance.

It helps with sleep.