5-Minute Monthly Mindset with Lunden

May Topic: The "Check In" and Conscious Communication

"Mindset is not set it and forget it." -Lunden Souza


Would you like an easy-access audio portal full of tools to help you bring your stress down AND work out and break a sweat?? Work INs and Work OUTs is what I like to call them.

I was talking with my ex last week (he is the sound engineer for my podcast) and we made a plan that we are going to CRUSH out the content this year for you so that you have so many tools to accompany you on your life! I
 am SO excited to share with you that you will now have access to monthly audio breathwork meditation (similar to the one’s you may have done in my #breathebeforeyouscroll challenge) AND voice guided workouts on my podcast as a PREMIUM PODCAST SUBSCRIBER.

Yes there are currently 8 Voice Guided Workouts available on my podcast for free, but now there are going to be new ones updated every single for PREMIUM PODCAST SUBSCRIBERS ONLY!

OH and I will send you an exclusive Self Love & Sweat THE PODCAST coffee mug, too!