On Camera 101 for
Health & Wellness Pros

Learn the top 5 strategies to show up super comfortable on camera (Zoom, Social Media, Online Courses & MORE!) + customized feedback!

Ready to explode your business showing up on camera like a pro?!

  • You just want to be able to make video content on a regular basis without it needing to be this big production (in your head & in real life!).
  • You know that getting in front of and improving your skills on camera is going to make a major difference in your business.
  • You’ve done some Facebook LIVE and Zoom calls/webinars, but you really want to show up with your A-GAME on camera and deliver with confidence!
  • You think your voice sounds weird and it feels like you can’t stop rambling.
  • You want an easy structure to knock out great video content to provide value for your clients and followers.

Check Out How On Camera 101 Will Change The Game For You:

“I am so grateful to have had Lunden, with her first hand experience, help me improve my digital game. In light of the pandemic I can honestly say that the need has never been greater to establish a feeling of connection with our clients online. Lunden has shown me some amazing tips to help me behind the camera as well as during live interviews.

I have never really liked to be behind the camera and it showed. Clearly, I was uncomfortable and yes, a little awkward. Luckily, Lunden with her wealth of knowledge was able to help me find ways around that which built up my confidence and comfort levels. While I know I am not as good as I can be behind the camera I now know how to improve upon my current strengths and be a little better every time.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to Lunden. My favorite thing about working with her is that she is constantly helping people whether she realizes it or not. She absolutely shines behind the camera and for those of you who haven’t learned this lesson yet when you don’t know how to do something you go to someone who does it better than anyone else.

Lunden’s ease and effortlessness behind the camera is something we could all use a few lessons on. I look forward to continuing on my educational journey with Lunden and improving everyday the way I engage with my clients digitally.”

@askdrdeednm DNM, PhD in Natural Medicine and owner of Ask Dr. Dee

“Improving my skills on camera with Lunden changed the game for my business as a Financial Wellness Coach & Bookkeeper and my confidence as a female entrepreneur. I have hosted webinars, created online courses and have even done LIVE workouts on social media and I NEVER thought I would be doing that with confidence. Lunden brings out the best in you!”

@mrs_jessica_durbin Financial Wellness Coach

Meet Lunden.

Lunden Souza is an Online Lifestyle Transformation Coach helping female movers and shakers all over the world get their mind right, body tight and show up in life and on camera with clarity and confidence! She's been making video weekly for the last 13 years (8 years professionally!) and knows the struggle of owning it in front of the camera. Learn how to drop the self criticism, stop comparing and show up as YOU on camera!