One-On-One Online Life Coaching with Lunden Souza

What is life coaching & is it for you? Watch this 3 min 18 sec video:


This is EXACTLY why I created my MBL Model to help you get UNstuck and live a life full of FREEDOM, LOVE and ABUNDANT ENERGY…. and really cultivate that inner and outer strength!

So what exactly is the MBL Model and how can it help YOU?

I started my career in the fitness industry for over 13 years ago and so often people come to me asking for a fitness or nutrition plan. And what I’ve found over the years is that behind it all was the striving to be “perfect”.


MYTH: If you follow a workout plan and follow a nutrition plan step by step you will reach all of your goals, all of your dreams will come true and confetti will fall from the sky.




Life ebbs and flows and there are always things happening and changing and it’s super important that you find value in YOURSELF without needing to be so “perfect” and rigid.


Perfect is boring anyway… 😉


GOOD NEWS! I work with people JUST LIKE YOU who are ready to UP-LEVEL, who know they need a change, who know they are meant for more… but need some personal guidance. We all need coaches (including myself!) if you want to take it to that next level.


In my VIP coaching program we go through 3 main areas. All 3 are SUPER critical to live a life that YOU want, that YOU dream and YOU deserve. I want to help you create YOUR VISION OF YOUR BEST LIFE!


And this is where my MBL model comes in to play…


M - Mindset

A lot of my clients come to me and they don’t even know they need mindset work. But the truth is MINDSET IS SO POWERFUL! We will work together to…

  • break the “more is more” mentality
  • increase empowerment
  • increase sense of clarity
  • find YOUR purpose
  • find fulfillment
  • help you get re-excited about life and do what sets your soul on FIRE!

B - Body

Feeling strong from the inside out feels amazing! This is where we will work on…

  • movement & recovery
  • your workout plan & fitness routine
  • increasing energy
  • increasing confidence
  • reducing stress
  • finding appreciation for your physical capabilities
  • As a one-on-one client you have access to ALL my fitness programs.
  • Customized 5K, 10K, half-marathon & marathon training plans available and included if this is your goal.

L - Love

This one we break into 2 sections: self and others. And, to a lot of my client’s surprise, we talk a lot about nutrition here! Let’s stop talking about food in terms of what it makes us look like and start talking about what it makes us FEEL like!

Here we will work on…

  • quality nutrition
  • reducing guilt and shame for doing things for YOU
  • asking for help!
  • allowing others to help
  • improving communication
  • giving back to others
  • saying YES to more of the things you love
  • getting over the fear of saying NO
  • Ability to get customized nutrition recommendations based on your lab tests with doctors on my team.


And the heart of it all is where these 3 pillars intersect…FREEDOM!

  • Freedom to be who you want to be

  • Financial freedom

  • Freedom with your time

  • Freedom with your energy

  • Freedom to bring your gifts to the world


"I just feel like I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to..." - Jessica, California

“I feel super amazing every single day now! Six months ago I wasn’t putting myself as a priority at all. Self love & self care helps everyone in my life. I feel so much more confident in my business and as a woman!” 

Watch Jessica’s FULL INTERVIEW right here, this could be you!

"I feel like a completely different person than 6 months ago..I feel awesome!" - Marike, South Africa

"I actually now see myself as someone I love and respect!" - Dulce, USA

“I was really used to this “bootcamp mentality” and always thought I needed to do more and work harder. I was feeling so down and disappointed in myself because I couldn’t add anything more to my to-do list. In fact, I had had a burnout before and was really close to having another one. My mindset has changed so much since working with Lunden. I can be who I really want to be and the things I am learning with Lunden apply to my whole life – not just eating and exercising. I have learned the skills to deal with MY life and MY schedule and make it work for ME! I actually now see myself as someone I love and respect. I have a deep appreciation for who I am. And yes I have lost weight and I am on the way to my goal…but that’s not the main thing anymore.” 

"I really learned how to find out what's going on with MY body" - Roy, 59 Minnesota

“In the past I would have completely pushed myself to the limit. Now I’ve completely changed the way I look at everything – it’s fantastic! I went from averaging maybe 4 hours of sleep per night to now getting 7-8! I expected a few things to improve through this whole process, but WOW it really all came together. I really learned how to pay attention and find out what’s going on with MY body. I thought I just needed a workout plan to “get rid of the fat” but I now realize it’s so much more than that. Instead of having a specific training plan we’ve made fitness part of my lifestyle and I’m doing lots of bodyweight exercises throughout the day at work as a truck driver and have gotten in 200+ push-ups in a day. I know this is my path to be stronger than ever as I prepare for retirement in a couple years.”