Runtastic Ambassador Weekend: Top 5 Takeaways

Last weekend kicked off a 3-day event we at Runtastic hosted for our 2017 Runtastic Ambassadors. We spent months preparing, figuring out details on how to make this the most memorable experience for our ambassadors as well as for us (those on the Runtastic Marketing Team working with the ambassadors this year). It was a lot of work and a lot of organization, but I am proud of what we were able to accomplish over the weekend.

Photo credit: @joerg_oberle_personalcoach

Before I get into my top takeaways, let me give you an idea of what went down last weekend. We really had a lot of fun!


The ambassadors came to the office and we kicked it off by doing a tour around our new office. We are all so proud of the 2 floors we’ve somehow come to need (we grow so fast!) as well as the slide that connects the two floors in the funnest way possible. We had a bunch of different presentations, workshops and Q&A for the ambassadors and they really presented us with some great questions and feedback – thanks guys!


We went on a sightseeing run around Vienna. I really felt like my limits were pushed and there were some fast runners that helped me run faster and longer. You guys know I am not a turbo runner and maybe only do a 5-10K here and there 🙂 But I really enjoyed the time spent with great people running and I really got my ass kicked :p


The mother of all LIVE Workout Parties happened in Vienna on Sunday, July 2nd at 10:00am. Seriously, the weather report said we had a 80% chance of rain and it just never rained – that’s how much the stars were aligned for us that day. The venue was on sand…sand, rain and workout don’t mix! It was so great to have the ambassadors here and to have so much energy coming from them. We rocked the house at Strandbar Herrmann and I think everyone really had a great time and felt good (most important!). Check out the after moving below <3 My heart always starts racing when I watch it!

Top 5 Takeaways from the Runtastic Ambassador Weekend

  1. It only matters how you make people feel: One of the roles I have kind of found myself in, as well as my driving force behind every video and every workout event I host, is to make people feel good. Period. No matter where anyone is in their life and on their health and fitness journey, they should feel good about what they are doing, the direction their going and about the people that are around them when they come in contact with me or anyone representing Runtastic. I think it was really fun to get to know the ambassadors and find out if they are willing and capable to bring that message to life. Good vibes trump everything, always! #strongertogether
  2. You can Russian Twist with your child: A really incredible couple showed up to the LIVE Workout Party and brought their baby. I think she was around maybe 6-8 months. They incorporated her in all their exercises and one time I walked over and they were doing a Russian Twist with her – parents of the year in my book! Noooo excuses keeping them from getting in their workout. And what a great example!
  3. I found an accountability buddy: My friend Sabrina of @Runningbrina and decided that we would create a group on and every week I would have a running goal of a certain amount of kilometers I have to get in. I will start tomorrow and my goal is 25 km. I foresee a lot of lunchtime runs happening. I will keep you updated on how this works out.
  4. A meal at a restaurant with 25 people takes forever: But that’s okay – more time to talk and engage with each other. We spent hours sitting, waiting and talking and hanging out. I think that was probably my favorite part. Good company and FOOD :-D!
  5. Sweating together is just ALWAYS better, no question: Between the LIVE Workout Party, the site seeing run and a last-day gym session I did with Sabrina and, another USA Ambassador, Jacee, it’s quite obvious that working out together is always a lot more fun and it goes by a lot faster. So, if you don’t know where to start and you’re having trouble finding your work-out-groove, get in a group ASAP!

Huge thanks to all the Runtastic Ambassadors who rocked it last weekend 🙂 We really appreciate all that you do!