The #1 Thing Your Workouts Are Missing

Maybe you saw the video I put on my IGTV this week where I talked about the #1 thing you are not doing in your workouts. This thing has absolutely nothing to do with the amount of sets or reps you do. Heck, it doesn’t even have to do with which specific exercises or type of training you do…SAY WHAT?

One of the MAJOR things I see people leave out of their workouts is…INTENTION! (watch the full video if you want to hear me totally go off on this!)

And when I say intention, I don’t mean…”because I am fat, lazy, flabby, disgusting and ugly!” I mean intention and PURPOSE with a POSITIVE connotation and a feeling of POSSIBILITY! You should feel uplifted, inspired and excited about the journey you’re taking your body on – or at least talk to yourself like it.

You might not be feeling ready to crush it every single time you work out – but your attempts and changing your mindset no matter how “meh” you feel are so much more VALUABLE than reminding yourself of all your faults and things you don’t like about yourself as you prepare for your workout, drive to the gym, lace up your running shoes — whatever.

I hear sooooo may people talk about how fat, disgusting, ugly, lazy, unhealthy, bloated they are. There are soooooo many haters out there and so many “Debby Downers” yet we choose to be super mean and horrible to ourselves.

Powerful workout mantras you can try:

  • I am working out because I love my body and what it’s capable of
  • I am working out to show myself how strong I am
  • I am working out because I feel energized and supercharged afterwards
  • I am learning to enjoy working out because of all the incredible benefits
  • I am working out because I want to bring my best self to my kids/family/partner/team
  • I am working out because I have a goal that I am doing my absolute best to reach

How does that feel? Does that sound like a much better start into your workout then beating yourself up before you even start moving?

I always tell my VIP coaching clients your perspective can be your super power or your prison. There are enough trolls and haters out there — leave the negativity and self sabotage to them!