9 ‘Secrets’ To Your Best Body All Year Round

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to stay in shape all year round?

Do you feel like you’re doing the most trying to get your butt to lift and those extra lbs/ body fat to come off only to end up tired and “over it?”

Do you feel frustrated because sometimes you feel “on” and sometimes you feel “off”?

With 13+ years in the fitness industry, I used to think it was all about fitness and workouts and meal prepping and that as long as I was super disciplined I could have the body I wanted. Truth be told, I spent 8 of those years cranking out fitness plans and encouraging people to get to the gym even when they were exhausted and meal prep foods they didn’t even like because quite frankly… it worked.

Until it didn’t…

What I’ve found is this: there are 9 factors, or “secrets” if you will, that have allowed me to stay in really good shape throughout ALL the seasons.

Now, before you go beating yourself up because you’ve been “doing it wrong”, I want to tell you this: IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT! Society and the media feeds us all this misinformationthat is quite frankly based predominantly around making money and not helping you get REAL results that last. The more you yo-yo, the more their pockets grow. The sad, cold hard truth.

I am here to tell you that you don’t have to start over anymore, you can get off the hamster wheel and have a body that you’re confident about and (most importantly!) the energy to bring your unique super powers to the world!

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