Send Lunden to DC with BeautyCounter 2024

I need your help so I can go to Washington DC with BeautyCounter to advocate for better beauty laws & ingredient transparency!

I am so passionate about this because I suffered severely from toxic overload which lead to PCOS and severe cystic acne in my early 20’s. I tried all the doctors, all the pills, all the remedies recommended to me and nothing worked until I started cleaning up 3 areas in my life: Cleaning up what comes out of my mouth (words & thoughts), what goes into my body (supplements and food) and what goes on my skin (clean beauty with BeautyCounter). This journey is very personal to me because I remember feeling SO alone in this struggle. Now, when you send me to DC I will be able to advocate for THOUSANDS of women across America who deserve better skincare and personal care products without all the toxic, cancer-causing chemicals we see today.

Check out this 58 second video & keep reading for ways you can support #LundenTakesDC

Even though I am currently #1 in the state of Utah, I still have SO MUCH to do to qualify by the end of February. Your support means the world and so I’ve made a list of ways you can support me on this journey so I can advocate FOR US!

5 Ways You Can Support #LundenTakesDC

1. Place any order with BeautyCounter using my link

Whether it’s a lip gloss, face wash or an entire skincare regimen, every single order counts. Click here to shop and use code CLEANFORALL20 for 20% off your 1st purchase if it’s your first time ordering with me. The URL is

2. Host a TEXT Messaging Clean Beauty Pop Up

You do the hosting, you invite your friends to join via text message, I do the rest and YOU earn the free product rewards. It’s super fun, think about an old school Tupperware party but done all via text message so you can do your daily thing and still participate. There are so many great gifts with purchase I include and giveaways. As a host you have the potential to earn 5 free products and 5 products 50% off! Incredible right? Send me an email at [email protected] or send me a DM on IG @lifelikelunden or text me if you have my phone # to book your popup.

3. Grab a Mystery Bag

Beautycounter offers these amazing mystery bags that include some really incredible products. There is the “Everyday Essentials” mystery bag and “Safer Skin & Body Care” bag still in stock. This makes a perfect surprise treat for yourself or a gift for someone else. You can shop using this link right here and look for “Everyday Essentials” and “Safer Skin & Body Care” when you shop.

4. Get the a collection or regimen set

I get bonus points on top of all orders when you purchase an entire collection or regimen set. So if you’re looking for a few products and are interested in getting the whole set – AMAZING! If you’re looking for anti-aging, check out the Countertime Collection and Countertime Regimen Set. If you’re looking for hydration and glow, check out the Countermatch Collection and Countermatch Regimen Set . If you have acne-prone skin, check out the Countercontrol Collection and the Countercontrol Regimen Set. REMEMBER TO SHOP USING THIS LINK.

5. Share this with your friends (DM, text, group chat, what’s app, word of mouth — all of it helps!)

If you could share this blog posting link with 3 friends today that would mean the world as well.

Thanks again SO much for your support. This is SO major. I appreciate you! Here’s some more information about BeautyCounter’s mission with clean beauty Laws if you’re interested…

The Mission of BeautyCounter and how amazing this company is:

Promoting the cause of clean beauty and shaping a brighter future lies at the heart of BeautyCounter’s mission. It’s alarming that the U.S. hasn’t enacted a significant federal law regulating the cosmetics industry since 1938, a span of over 84 years. In stark contrast, the European Union has taken substantial steps, banning or restricting 1,400 ingredients in personal-care products. However, the United States has only addressed 30, a number we find woefully inadequate. This issue extends beyond cosmetics—it’s a significant stride towards ensuring safety in the realm of beauty. Transforming the beauty industry involves more than just producing safer products; it necessitates advocating for comprehensive health-protective legislation. We take pride in being a leading force pushing for such legislation across North America. In 2023 alone, our efforts led to the passage of four crucial state legislations, including The Washington State Toxic-Free Cosmetic Act.