My Top 4 Ways to Be More Positive >> Right Now!

I get asked so many question and I LOVE  it! Sometimes people ask me a question and I have immediate input or advice and other times I am like, “Hmm…I am not sure what I think about that or how I feel about that right now…let me get back to you.”

Over the last few days, 2 really close friends of mine asked me some questions which inspired me to make this video LIVE on Facebook and Instagram TV. I hope that these 4 positivity tips can help you in your life as well. The great thing I usually find from connecting people from all over the world is: We are not the only ones who have felt the way we do and oftentimes one person’s question can help someone else as well <3 Sharing is LITERALLY caring 🙂

How do you stay so positive & resilient? And how to turn negative emotions into positive actions?:

4 Tips To Be More Positive

1. Practice

You don’t just get to press a magical positivity button once and then everything is fine. This is always something you have to work towards and you will get better and better as well as have periodic slip ups – that’s life. But if you’re not practicing daily, those days are going to fly by and you’re going to find yourself deeper and deeper in that negativity pit you really want and need to get out of.

Even when “writing down 3 things we are thankful for” doesn’t feel good in the moment, do those positive-oriented actions anyway…do them anyway! It really makes a powerful difference.

2. Remind yourself

Keep reminders in your house, on your phone, in your car (anywhere and everywhere!) of your goals and what vibe you want to bring into this world. What do you want people to feel when they are around you? Because when you’re negative and grumpy neither you OR the other person is gaining anything. I love keeping positive quotes, notes and reminders on my phone and around my apartment. Even postcards and small souvenirs from places I have either been to on vacation or where I have felt particularly courageous and bold. I love to be surrounded with those reminders whether it’s for a quick boost or a powerful reminder of something meaningful.

I have my 3 power words “Positive. Present. Barrier breaker.” wake me up with my alarm in the morning and the background of my phone is actually a photo of something I keep in my house that says, “God doesn’t give you a dream that matches you’re budget. He’s not checking your bank account, he’s checking your faith.”

3. Self talk is everything

You need to practice (see #1) talking to yourself nicely. We can talk to everyone else nicely, and dish out compliments all day – but what are we TELLING OURSELVES? Stupid, idiot, dumb, not good enough, useless, tired, disgusting,…there are just some of the words I have heard women use to describe themselves.

If you don’t talk to yourself with respect – you’re not going to demand it from others. And you DESERVE IT!

4. Go out and find or create what you feel like you’re missing

Not feeling beautiful, go out and find beauty in this world and make others feel that way. If you’re not feeling heard, go out and LISTEN. Not feeling financially secure, go out and give. Put yourself in that great abundance mindset, when something is scarce don’t focus on that…go on a mission to find that in this world.