Finding Balance: 4 things you have to MASTER!

I was on fireeee on Instagram LIVE the other day answering the question I get EVERY…SINGLE…DAY!

I’m not kidding…every single day someone sends me a DM or replies to an email in my newsletter asking, in one form or another, how to get all the things done and still make time for health, fitness, family, social life, all the chores…just ALL THE THINGS!

So I went LIVE on Instagram and laid it all out for you in 4 principles you MUST master if you want to that peace of mind and not like you’re running around like a crazy person – aka “balance”. You can check out the video below if you want to listen to me preach and you can also scroll down to get the cliff notes.

How to find your balance – the 4 principles you MUST master and you’ll unlock it:

1. Finding your balance is not a destination

This is NOT something that is physical that you just find one day and “I found it! I got it!” Finding your balance can and is something that you need to figure out, “find” and continue to cultivate many times per day, week, month, year, etc. Every thing that comes with having a balance, fulfilled, happy, productive, successful, purpose-filled life is NOT a destination. It is something that you have continue to pursue all of the time. You have to COMMIT to finding YOUR balance.

2. It doesn’t have to mean you need to figure out how balance everything

You don’t have to do everything alone. Ask for help! Figure out which things you don’t necessarily HAVE to do that could free up some of your time and energy. Which conversations do you need to have with which people in your life to help lighten that load? Which neighbor or school mom do you need to ask for help driving the kids to and from school? Which friend or family member do you need to talk to in order to make arrangements to watch the kids so you can go to the gym and get your workout in? I see sooooo many people trying to do all the things without asking for help thinking that it makes them look cooler, better and like they “have it all together.” They don’t! If you try to do it all, you’re going to burn out.

3. Be proactive and consistent with what helps you find your balance AHEAD of time

Don’t wait until shit hits the fan and you feel like you’re going to break to start doing something. Consistently incorporate balance-inducing activities and practices into your day AHEAD OF TIME! One of my VIP coaching clients found an incredible amount of relief by incorporating micro-breaks into her day 3-5x per day. She started taking that time to get up, get outside if possible, remind herself that she’s killing it and everyone else’s mood is not a reflection of her. It was like a little mini reset multiple times per day that changed the game for her. It did WONDERS for her stress level and productivity during the day so then she was showing up much more calm and collected to her family when she got home. She was like “OMG I cannot believe these micro-breaks actually work!”

For another client it was finding a morning routine that EXCLUDED social media and checking the phone first thing. When she started her day for HER instead of worrying about what everyone else was doing on social media, it was like a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

These little things work – if you do them…consistently!

4. The more clarity you have with your goals the easier it is to decipher what things you actually need to try and balance

What is your “why” and what is your purpose?! Get really clear on that and it will be really easy to figure out what to say yes to and what to say no to. If you don’t yet have a clear purpose in life and a clear “why” for reaching your goals – think about how you want to feel, how you want to show up in the world, how you want people to feel when they are around you and start doing more of what brings that out in you. Start fitting those important things in instead of trying to do everything on the to-do list and run a million errands only to feel completely DEAD at the end of the day.

For everybody, finding balance is going to be different because you’re unique. But IT’S UP TO YOU to find your balance. You can’t point the finger and every one and everything and blame them for lack of balance, time and energy. You have to find what consistently works for YOU…and you don’t have to do it alone (hence #2).If you are ready to uplevel your life and start building your personal toolbox to find your balance and crush your goals, you can apply for one of the slots available in my VIP coaching program.