5 BASIC Principles to get SUPER Comfortable on Camera

Check out how weird I am and what you DO NOT want to do on camera…

Hiiii ? I am SO excited for you to be one of 10 PEOPLE joining in on March 1st for this BRAND NEW training to get MY 5 BASIC Principles to get SUPER Comfortable on Camera!

Can you believe it used to take me 8 HOURS to film one video when I first started making weekly content with Runtastic (now known as adidasruntastic) 8 years ago?! THE STRUGGLE ???

I would pick apart every single thing I said on camera and always have something to complain about.

And even then I was still trying to memorize everything, be perfect, speak well, get good lighting, not cut my head off with the shot, make sure the audio was good and then actually be entertaining enough to listen to — I know, friend – crazy right?!

I’ve been making videos WEEKLY (oftentimes more) since 2012 – and I want to show you how to get super comfortable on camera and know exactly what your mission and message is to rock it!

Here’s what you’re going to learn during our LIVE training <3

  • Go from feeling super awkward to SUPER comfortable on camera

  • The 5 principles you NEED to master from the beginning

  • The difference between speaking live in person, on social media pre-recorded, on social media LIVE…we’re going to talk about all of it

  • How to know what to say without needing to memorize a script

  • How to NOT look like you’re reading a script even if you are ?

  • Little tweaks to make what you’re saying sound WAY MORE INTERESTING

  • Body language, speed, tone, all of it – you’re going to get SO GOOD at it!

  • Lighting, eyes, smile, “smizing” this is what my friends and I call it, and everything to make sure you LOOK your best

  • How to make the most out of a video you create (how to repurpose, reduce, reuse, recycle :p which means LESS WORK on your side)

Check out these FREE Bonuses I am adding in:

  • CUSTOMIZED VIDEO FEEDBACK ($500 value): You will have 48 hours after the LIVE training to send me a super recent video of you sharing on camera and I will give you a customized feedback video so you can really make the most progress!
  • ONE MONTH OF SELF LOVE & SWEAT MONTHLY ($27 value): Join in on ALL the fun, accountability, community and sweaty workouts! I’m going to let you try out my monthly virtual coaching membership, Self Love & Sweat MONTHLY, in March! This is where I hop on a call LIVE with all of you for 30 minute topic of the month + 30 min Q&A + 30 minute workout = 90 PRODUCTIVE MINUTES every single month!
  • $500 OFF my retreat in Big Sur, CA September 2020 where you’ll be able to relax, unwind, love on yourself and get SUPER GOOD on camera!


Yes a replay will be available, so you should REALLY consider reserving your spot even if yu can’t be their LIVE because you’ll still be able to learn and send in your video for customized feedback – remember! That in itself is worth $500!

I can’t wait to work with you to get better on video, look and FEEL your best on camera! #nomoreawkward #iknowwhattodowithmyhands