Getting Rid of Sugar Cravings: Willpower or Brain Chemistry??

Sugar cravings can manifest themselves in many different ways! I hear one of these 3 (nearly verbatim) every single week….

  • “I was doing sooooo good ?? ! I didn’t have any sugar all week and then Friday night came around and I ate the whole pint of ice cream.” (this is the most obvious form of sugar cravings)=


  • ‘“I stopped eating sugar! I’ve been having oatmeal with honey for breakfast and I snack on fruit all day and night.” (swapping cookies for fruit and honey – sugar is sugar, friend!)


  • “I don’t crave sugar! But I love to snack on crackers, chips and I always crave bread and pasta.” ?? (just because it’s not sweet, doesn’t mean it’s not sugar!)

Can you see yourself in any of these 3?

I wanted to bring up this topic because a lot of people automatically think that sugar cravings are just a matter of willpower, being more self-disciplined and not keeping sweet treats in the house…

Did you know that sugar cravings are more about brain chemistry and less about will power?

I remember learning in my neuropsychology course in college all about how sugar actually binds to the same receptors in our brain as tobacco and heroine.

So actually, the struggle IS REAL!

No wonder we feel those withdrawal symptoms and headaches and mood swings that come with other addictions when we “stop”.

And here’s the thing: you can’t just avoid food like you can/should with tobacco, heroine & other drugs.

But I want to make something SUPER clear before I tell you all about my fav supplement for cravings…

The supplements don’t work unless you do…consistently over time. I am not a quick fix, magic pill kind of girl (you know that!) so that stuff I recommend will ALWAYS work best when you make it part of your routine & habit!

My favorite supplement to get rid of sugar cravings…

I have taken L-gluatmine because I always knew it was great for muscle repair and regeneration as over half of our skeletal muscle tissue is glutamine. I would take it in the evenings and after my workouts when I was really serious about weight lifting and bodybuilding early on in my career.

But more recently on my quest to find REAL SOLUTIONS THAT REALLY WORK…I found out that it’s a really powerful supplement to balance out that brain chemistry and help your body actually get rid of those all consuming cravings. AND it’s excellent for your digestive health as well.

Pure Glutacaps™ is my favorite supplement on the planet, because of the quality L-glutamine provided AND the benefits I’ve mentioned above. It’s top of the line.

I take 2-3 capsules about 15 minutes before meals (along with the ProbioVive™ Probiotic!)

When you have sugar cravings, it can feel like they’re the boss of you. So let Pure Glutacaps™ be the boss of them so you can focus on your purpose and bringing your gifts to the world!!

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<3 Lunden