How to Feel Unstuck and Find Your Way Forward

Truth talk: we all get stuck. When you’re in freeze mode, you’re so stuck in the moment that you can’t step outside of yourself to think about what comes next. Learning how to feel unstuck can feel like the greatest relief in times like these.

One of the most common themes I see in my DMs is people saying they have so much on their plate they don’t know where to start. And so… they don’t start. They’re stuck in this analysis paralysis stage, knowing all the things they want to do but just can’t quite connect thoughts to actions.

Let me offer a fresh perspective on how to feel unstuck and help you take the next step:

Take Your Stuck Feelings as a Sign

When you’re feeling stuck, your body is telling you something is off. And that’s a powerful message to receive. It’s your own unique way of telling yourself that it’s time to do something different. Maybe something isn’t working like it used to. Or maybe you have a new idea that your heart is telling you to run with because deep down you know it’s so much better than your current reality.

When you start feeling stuck, pay attention to where you’re feeling it. Is it in your gut and making your stomach hurt? Do you feel it in your head? Your throat?

We get cues all the time and it’s so important to slow down long enough to feel them and listen to them. Ignore them and you might end up missing a huge opportunity.

Give Yourself Credit for Tuning In

Life is busy and fast-paced, so when you start noticing you’re feeling stuck, lean into it. Give yourself credit for noticing that something is different.

Suddenly, something different has jolted you from the autopilot that so many of us tend to operate by.

It’s okay to not know the answers right away. But at least congratulate yourself for acknowledging that it’s time for change. Get ready — You’re about to go through a personal growth period.

Take the Next Best Action

You’ve done some of the hard part already: you stopped to listen to your body. Now, take all those feelings of being stuck and focus just on the next best action.

I like to take some time to evaluate my to-do’s in the morning and get clarity over everything I have for that day before I dive headfirst into work. This is a time to figure out my own next best move and have a real plan. And sometimes, when I have a lot going on and am feeling overwhelmed, that plan is more mundane than active.

There is power in the mundane. In a sense of overwhelm, making my bed and sorting my laundry can help restore order in my life.

How to Feel Unstuck

Forget the mountain for the time being. What you need to do is climb to the next ledge. From there, you can start choosing the next best action to keep that momentum going.

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