Starting Your Own Clothing Line feat. Gia Sinatra (EP 76 FULL TRANSCRIPTION)

Lunden talks with her close friend Gia about starting her own business from scratch – plus size clothing line Gia IRL. What’s it like starting your own clothing line? How does it feel when people are more interested in your wedding than your business launch as a woman? And much more girl talk…

Episode #76 Starting Your Own Clothing Line w. Gia Sinatra

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Lunden Souza: [00:03:48] Enjoy this episode! Get connected self love and sweat, friends. Welcome back to Self Love and Sweat, the podcast. Today we have a special guest. She’s been with us before on episode eight. Sinatra Last time we talked all about body confidence and loving the skin that you’re in, loving your body at any size. And today we have Gia back. Not only is she a close friend of mine who I freaking love, but she’s back because she started her own plus size clothing line. Her career as a plus size model has totally taken off, and I’m just so excited to have her back here because you guys really loved the episode where we talked a lot about, yeah, just body image and focusing on what you feel like and focusing how you’re showing up in the world and pretty much taking action anywhere, any time, no matter who you are or where you’re from. And so it was really cool to have that conversation last time. And Gia Sinatra is back. Gia, how are you doing? A little intro of who you are.

Gia Sinatra: [00:04:43] And be back. Yeah, yeah. Thanks for having me. I’m so excited to be back. So I am a Plus-Size model, body positive advocate and the founder of my new clothing line g URL for sizes 12 to 26.

Lunden Souza: [00:05:02] I love it. So called gia IRL. Gia in real life.

Gia Sinatra: [00:05:06] Gia in real life.

Lunden Souza: [00:05:08] How did you come up with the name?

Gia Sinatra: [00:05:11] So that was pretty hard of deciding on like the official name, but it came up in a conversation and I think we were kind of saying it in a joking way, like Gia IRL in real life. And then we were like, Oh, it’s cute, it’s close, but it’s not really it. And then after like going through more names for a couple of weeks, we came back and were like G IRL. It’s kind of cute. Like, I feel like you get an understanding of what the brand is when you hear it, and that’s what I wanted.

Lunden Souza: [00:05:43] Yeah, I love it and I think it rolls off the tongue. Gia IRL, I feel like it’s like Ziploc or I don’t know, like any of those household names, like the things you just know. Like it has, it has that, it has that ring to it and I just love it. I think it sounds great. So, I mean, I think we’ve always kind of said, let’s do another podcast, whatever. But after the launch of. Your clothing line or the day of the actual launch in March, we were having lunch. We went to this like little like takeout place that has like super healthy bowls. And we were just sitting there like after a full day of like having worked and just doing stuff and plus like the, the launch of your brand. Like, it’s so it’s so relieving but somehow like exhausting. And so we were just sitting there at lunch just eating and we started having this conversation about how, you know, as women in business and doing our thing online and just kind of really showing up for our work and our purpose. It’s sometimes interesting hearing other people’s reactions in terms of stuff like marriage and kids and settling down and all these other things that are so highly appreciated or like seen very highly of. And we just were kind of talking about that. So let’s kind of start there and maybe you can share your perspective on how that’s felt for you. Starting your business, family, people around you, coworkers, like what’s been their reaction and how has it been like? Interesting.

Gia Sinatra: [00:07:03] Well, to go back on what you were saying, it’s interesting because I as you know, I am planning a wedding currently in the midst of opening and starting my own business. So, you know, I do feel at times that the wedding is definitely more celebrated in society than the business. I guess just kind of like depending on who you talk to. But a lot of times I feel like people are more excited to talk about wedding and maybe more women specifically, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just like an interesting thing that I have been aware of.

Lunden Souza: [00:07:42] Yeah, yeah. I loved having that conversation with you too, because like, we’re such close friends and like you’re engaged and about to be married and like, I’m not sure if I ever want to be married. I think I feel like more called to a long term partnership. But maybe if that’s the case, it might be like what I want to do. So I love that we were having that conversation that day and I just asked you, I’m like, Did you always want to be married?

Lunden Souza: [00:08:05] Is this something you always thought about? Because I feel too I feel like I’m celebrating so much when it comes to the last couple of years of moving back from Austria, revamping my own business completely on my own, doing my thing. And I still get questions from friends and family like, oh, so, well, when are you going to settle down? Or at your age you should be doing blah blah blah. Like people just throw the shoulds around where they think you should be focused your time and energy. And so I was kind of sharing that with you too. And yeah, I mean, I love hearing about all aspects of it. Like I love celebrating women. And then I’ve met a lot of your friends who modeled for your clothing line and stuff like that too. It’s so cool and motivating to be around women who celebrate like all different areas of our lives and our growth, right?

Gia Sinatra: [00:08:52] Yeah. And I just think everybody has their own individual like goals and aspirations and ways that they consider people to be successful. So it just might be different than what you consider it or you know, for you, your wins just might be different than that person’s. And it’s not really like a right or wrong. It’s just like interesting when you look and you kind of just observe that that’s happening in society and a lot of times with women, specifically of the things that we celebrate. And I also think women in business is, you know, we’re treated differently than men a lot of times in that way also.

Lunden Souza: [00:09:38] Yeah, for sure. Especially like when it comes to, I don’t know, a man starting his own business or being successful in business. It’s like applause, like the little clapping, you know. And for women, I feel like the excitement, like we say, just in our experience, what we’ve noticed is so much more like and I was just at a wedding in San Francisco this weekend. I got to officiate a wedding. Like, I think they’re amazing. And it just feels like that’s not the only thing to be celebrated. But sometimes it’s like, oh, my gosh, wins. Like, like that’s like the next expected milestone. There are like some like check point we’re supposed to cross, you know? And I think you and I were just having the conversation of like, huh, there’s different routes and different check points. And like you said, everybody’s idea of success is different. And what we’ve imagined and dreamed for our life can be very different. And like the secret to happiness, I really feel is like wanting what you have, believing and like finding success in the areas that where you feel most successful, right? Some people might never be happy doing business and some people might never be happy, you know, being married and having the kids and doing all the things if that’s not what they what their definition of success and happiness and like that feeling is. And so I loved having that convo. And what would you say was Like The Heart? Did you, was there a moment where in your process so how long a first let’s say it like this so how long from like idea to like launch day? Like, how was it a year I. Can’t remember. I know we’ve been talking throughout.

Gia Sinatra: [00:11:06] But it’s almost a year. I feel like I really hit the ground running and luckily I had amazing people that were surrounding me that helped me to achieve this in under a year because really it would have taken a lot longer. But I was just like, okay, let’s go, go, go. I really wanted to launch by the spring because that’s when the idea came to me and I was not finding the things that I wanted to wear, so I did it in under a year, but that I wouldn’t say that that’s like an average time. So if it doesn’t take you, if it takes you longer, I definitely would not be harder.

Lunden Souza: [00:11:49] Shorter? Yeah, it’s all relative in terms of people and like taking the right moves and whatever. But in that year process, I mean, was there any what was like the biggest aha. Moment maybe when it comes to being a woman in business or just business in general, like what was because a year will fly by, but it’s also like a short, long time to like launch a business, make a plan, do all of that too. And you said before that you think that sometimes women are treated differently or just whatever. What were some aha moments for you when you were starting it throughout this year?

Gia Sinatra: [00:12:20] Well, when I say that with women, I feel like sometimes there’s more doubt put on us. Like, oh, like how? You know, or like, how are you going to sell this? Or just it feels like sometimes more questions or doubts around the business and just like how you’re going to. Do everything and execute your plan.

Lunden Souza: [00:12:43] Yeah. And kind of how you said your facial expressions. I know some people are listening to the podcast, maybe they’re watching the video, but your eyebrows went up and you’re kind of like, Oh, how are you going to do that? And I think sometimes that’s like the funniest part I feel like are the nonverbals of people when you talk about things like, I don’t know, just whatever marriage, just everything. That’s kind of like we talked about the shoulds of, of being a woman by a certain age or whatever. You sometimes at least I’ve seen it to where I share my feelings on it or just whatever I’m doing online or whatever. And sometimes you get those like, Oh, how are you going to do that? Well, how do you like, you know, versus a man? I feel like it’s just kind of like a cheer and like preconceived success. But yeah, what were you going to say? Go for it.

Gia Sinatra: [00:13:30] I think along the way, I I’ve been so passionate about it that I really didn’t stop to be like, what happened if it didn’t work? Because I just believe in it so much. I feel so passionate about it and making women feel beautiful and everything kept falling into place so perfectly that I’m like, I know this is right. Like, I just felt like it was right. And I think that the people around me believe believed in me and still believe in me so much that like, that’s one of the things that keeps me pushing every day, you know, through the ups and downs of. Yeah.

Lunden Souza: [00:14:05] Oh, absolutely. You need like you need tribe. You need people around you that know how to do things that you don’t need to do or just they’re by your side and will help you keep pushing and making it happen. Like you said, never stopping once to question like should I or shouldn’t be doing this, like eye on the prize and having good people in your squad. And then I remember and we’ll talk about this. I want to talk about this, too, because there were so many stories of like synchronicities where you’re like, Oh, I’m looking for somebody that can help out with this part of the process, or I need to figure out something about this. And it just seemed like everybody and everything kept falling into place. And not that doesn’t mean you don’t work hard, obviously. That doesn’t mean you’re not like putting in long hours and pushing your limits and doing all of that. But it’s such a cool feeling when there is that coherence to be like, I have this idea of what I need to do and a problem I need to solve and tools, something to put out there for people that will really help them that I would want to and no question, I’m just going to go for it. So what was the moment that you realized? Because as a plus-size model, you’re wearing a lot of different plus-size clothes, probably like experiencing what a lot of people model or not, are trying on different clothes and and out of different brands, trying to find things that work for them and then just feeling frustrated and feeling like there was a problem that you needed to solve. So what was that like? What was that moment when you just realized like, Oh shit, I should just start my own line?

Gia Sinatra: [00:15:33] Yeah, I was. I felt like my style was just getting lost. Like, I didn’t even really I couldn’t really show my style anymore because I couldn’t find the things that I wanted in my size. And so I was like, always like shopping and, you know, things just wouldn’t go to my size. They’d stop at like a ten, maybe a 12, which is like a large, extra large. I’m sure you see on most sites that they go up to like small, medium, large, maybe you’ll see an extra large. But sometimes those extra largest are still like on the smaller side. So basically I was shopping and constantly getting frustrated and one night I found this dress on this site and it didn’t go in my size. And I just I posted it on my story and I was like, Gosh, I wish they made stuff like this in my size. And I got like hundreds of responses from women and saying, it’s so frustrating. And this and one of my friends writes me and was like, Why don’t you start your own clothing line? And I was like, Hmm. Why not? And then I was up that whole night and I was like, How could I make this work? And I’m like, you know? And I just I kept thinking about the lack of options, and I was like, okay, let me, like, ask this person and this person. And I just kept putting out my feelers and like, I truly believe what you put out. And when you ask for like you’ll get and I just kept asking and talking to people and along the way, between my circle and people that I know, everything just kept falling into place. And it was just like. It just felt like the right thing to be doing.

Lunden Souza: [00:17:15] Yeah. From an outside perspective and like as your friend, it really like was like dominos. Like, just like pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, which of course the dominos have to be set up strategically. And if one thing’s off, it doesn’t work. We can all visualize dominos there. But I just remember you feel like I need someone for this or I need to learn about this, or how are we going to, I don’t know, ship sustainably or do all these different things where you were able to just kind of find those people. Tell us the story about Mexico when you were in Mexico and you met. I don’t even know. I, I don’t know the vocabulary. So tell us the story about how awesome it is when you start to put out what you want into the universe, like how sometimes things get and sometimes let’s say it like this too. Sometimes we get moments where it’s like, that’s not what we’re, you know, we get kind of sidetracked, like, that’s not your thing. But sometimes when it’s your thing and you know it, like shit gets delivered to you on the silver platter. Like it’s just like, la la, here you go. And I had moments like that in my life, and I know that this was one of them for you, too, so share it with us.

Gia Sinatra: [00:18:09] Now, I knew there were situations or people that I was like, Huh, this isn’t quite right. But then something else fell into place. So like one thing before I go into that, I feel like this time around what feels different for me is in the past I’ve tried to do so many things myself, which of course you have to do things yourself. But asking for help and hiring people has been such a game changer. I think that sometimes we try to take on I do. I don’t know about other people, but I try to take on so much myself and like come to learn this, this, that. And it’s like sometimes you do just need to, like find people to do help you or do things for you. And so asking for help has been a game changer. But so we were basically at the point where we just needed somebody to make the clothes we had, the designs we had, like what fabrics we wanted to use. We had everything ready. We just needed someone to make the clothes. And originally I wanted to do everything domestically or domestically. Yes. And so anyway, so we met with a few people and just wasn’t feeling right for me. And I go to Mexico for a girls trip and I meet this woman, these two girls, and were at the pool hanging out. And we end up hanging out with them all night, all day, all night. We’re in the hot tub. And I end up telling one of the girls that I’m starting a clothing line, a plus size clothing line and this and that. And I, you know, and she ends up telling me that’s what she does for a living, is she helps people bring their clothing lines to life with the production, the fabrics, the sourcing, everything. And I remember, like texting one of my girls, I’m like, I met this girl in Mexico, she’s going to help us. And, you know, at that time, I’m sure it sounded like, you know, maybe just a crazy.

Lunden Souza: [00:20:13] Too many drinks and you make best friends. I know. I know. That happens sometimes.

Gia Sinatra: [00:20:17] So. Yeah, well, you know, and maybe there were a few drinks involved, but it worked out in my favor. And she Pippa, she has she has a business called Creative Consulting and she has just been heaven sent and has helped me with everything production wise. And she continues to help me and try to find me the best ways to do things and help me to grow.

Lunden Souza: [00:20:45] Yeah, it’s so cool. So cool. And you have to you still have your spidey senses out and still be paying attention. Or I should say your Scorpio senses out. Like me and G are both Scorpios proud Scorpios. But it’s like you need to vet people and let them prove themselves. And like you said, there’s sometimes people. Same for me too. In business you like, they make great promises and you think they’re going to do what they’re going to do. But it’s just like, I don’t know, not on the same page. Or sometimes people just don’t even deliver. Sometimes people say they do one thing X, Y or Z, and really, you know, they’re not that good at it at all or don’t have as much experience as we once thought. But it’s great when you have those moments of just being like, Hey, I’m here, I am in Mexico on a girls trip, just kind of putting out, talking about what I’m doing. And with other women who support and uplift and who to thank, you just meet somebody that way. But that’s super cool. So awesome, so cool.

Gia Sinatra: [00:21:34] And definitely like listening to my intuition because there has been things along the way where I’m like, that just doesn’t feel right and as just doesn’t feel like that. That is the right person or thing to do for this business. And so I think it’s important to also listen to that in anything but especially in business.

Lunden Souza: [00:21:54] Yeah. And just getting good at it because over time you will make not mistakes but just choose things where you’re like, Oh, I might have chosen that instead. But just over time with repetitions, just like with anything. Yeah. That intuition can be very powerful to. Very powerful. Yeah.

Gia Sinatra: [00:22:09] Because sometimes you look back and you’re like, Oh. It felt like it was off, but it also felt like the easy way. So I was going with it. That happened to me and I’m like, No, look, I got to listen to my intuition no more. If it doesn’t feel right, I’m not doing it.

Lunden Souza: [00:22:22] Yeah, totally. What have you learned the most about yourself over this last year? Because any woman, I would say a woman in business, but just in general, when you when you break through a barrier and like accomplish something or go after a dream or a goal, it’s not necessarily and maybe you’ll agree like the start and then the finish. It’s like everything that you learn and the journey. Like that’s what makes it all, everything. So what have you learned the most about yourself since creating a Jai or Elle till now?

Gia Sinatra: [00:22:53] Wow. That’s a great question. You know, I am. I just feel like I have learned just really how hard of a worker I am and how my strength to just keep pushing and like I knew that I, you know, I’ve always been a hard worker, but this has really like pushed the limit on the amount of work and strength that I needed for this.

Lunden Souza: [00:23:24] Yeah, we’re we’re capable of so much more than we actually think. Sometimes it’s just like there needs to be that mission or that passion that we’re going after. That just like. Like you said, like, I didn’t realize I could line it up and knock it down, so. Well, that’s so cool. What was your. I remember there was like, well, there’s there is a lot going on in the world. And I remember like not sure when when samples were going to arrive, if when things were going to be the the launch date was always like first spring, but kind of up in the air in terms of the exact date. And that must have been really intense or like scary. Were you afraid that things weren’t going to show up? Like, what was your thought process when it was kind of like just the waiting game for things to arrive and for people to be able to wear your stuff and get your stuff interesting enough.

Gia Sinatra: [00:24:11] I actually never was concerned about it arriving or, you know, I just it felt same thing. Like it just I knew it was coming and I knew it was like, hey, it might be delayed a little bit, but I always felt good about it. I think it was very stressful because so we did production overseas in China because at that time was the best fit for the company and the quality that we wanted. So, you know, they have Chinese New Year where they take off like a month and a half and so everything shuts down completely. And so that was probably one of the most stressful parts is because it’s right after our holidays. So they work through all of our holidays. So we were working through all of the holidays and like on major crunch time to get to that Chinese New Year where they could put everything on a ship and take off. And so there was one dress that like gave us problems at the very end, but it made it and it made the cut off. But so yeah, I think that was the biggest stress is just like making it to that deadline. But once everything was on the boat, I was like, We’re good, it’s going to get here. And we had wiggle room. So I was like, Even if it gets here in March, it’s fine because spring just officially started on Sunday. So I feel like people are now like, okay, let’s get dresses and you know, we’re ready for spring.

Lunden Souza: [00:25:38] Yeah, totally. And I think it’s finally a time, not everywhere, but, you know, we’re people are ready to get dressed up and go out and do things and celebrate spring and be outside. And all your pieces are so amazing. Yeah, yeah, so, so cool. What would you say? Like, how would you how would you describe how the reaction is to the clothes and how are women feeling in in your pieces? And is it how you wanted them to feel?

Gia Sinatra: [00:26:06] Yeah. So far we’re getting a great reaction. Everyone is feeling beautiful and good. And, you know, I just wanted plus-size women to feel beautiful and sexy and trendy and chic just like and give them all the same options that everyone else has. And so far I’m getting really, really good reactions. So that makes it all worth it because at the end of the day, my passion comes down to just making women feel beautiful and look beautiful. And so, like, just seeing that and seeing how they feel in the clothes is like, all worth it. Yeah. And all the craziness, long nights, early mornings, working on holidays.

Lunden Souza: [00:26:48] I know it has to be like it is worth it. It just it has to be, you know. And I remember you trying or getting the sizes and then putting them on all different body types, all different women, height sizes, everything. So was there anything you learned from that? Because it’s not just your size anymore. It’s a lot of different women and they’re different body types. And so what did you learn kind of there?

Gia Sinatra: [00:27:12] Definitely. I feel like we’re kind of like learning as we go and continuing to evolve and just like, you know, taking different body types into consideration. So our stuff is pretty true to size, but you know, we had a few things in different sizes where we’re learning like, okay, next time around we need to adjust a little bit here or there. And like I think that’s one of the great parts about the brand is that we are willing to hear the feedback and make changes and that kind of thing. So like we’ve already refit everything and made like little changes here and they’re like, okay, and this size, let’s start adding a little bit more room here, there, you know, just kind of adjusting to the different body sizes. So we’re definitely taking the different body types and body sizes into consideration and then definitely down the road. I’d love to expand sizes and have different options for short, short women and tall women and all that kind of stuff and everything in between. But, you know, there’s only so much we can do at this point in time.

Lunden Souza: [00:28:13] Yeah. I mean, start where you are. Right. I was going to say start small, but that’s not true. It’s just like start where you are. All your pieces are so beautiful, so amazing. How many pieces do you have in this first drop?

Gia Sinatra: [00:28:25] So in the drop one, there’s eight. In drop two. That’s coming next month. There’s four more pieces and then we have some summer things in the works and then we have like another exciting drop in the works that I’m not going to announce quite yet, but we’ll, we’ll leave the people guessing.

Lunden Souza: [00:28:44] Yeah. So there’s more coming, obviously.

Gia Sinatra: [00:28:46] There’s more. Yeah, there’s a, there’s a drop that I’m super excited about that’s coming hopefully in the end of summer, like sometime during the summer.

Lunden Souza: [00:28:56] A drop.

Gia Sinatra: [00:28:57] As long as everything’s about.

Lunden Souza: [00:28:58] That, I can’t tell you about when I’m excited about it. I love all the names of your clothes and like the dresses. And I know that they’re not just, like, randomly selected names out of a hat. Tell us how you named your clothing pieces.

Gia Sinatra: [00:29:13] So the GIA dresses are named after me, of course. And then the Gianna is my full name, and then Gigi is my nickname that my nieces and my nephew call me. And then I have a piece in this collection that’s named after my niece, Maya, the Maya, Minnie. And then I have a piece named after my sister. And in the next drop, another piece named after my other sister and my other niece.

Lunden Souza: [00:29:42] Oh, nice. You got to get everybody in. You can’t remember your little nieces because everybody fighting over my purse.

Gia Sinatra: [00:29:47] She she asked me that every time that we talk and then she’s like, are they fighting?

Lunden Souza: [00:29:52] Right. Isn’t it the best?

Gia Sinatra: [00:29:53] It is. Yeah. I have to tell her every time I talk to her that the Maya dress is the best seller.

Lunden Souza: [00:29:58] And that’s so yeah, that’s so cool and so special. And like, that’s not just about it’s yeah, obviously it’s about helping women feel beautiful in their clothes, stuff that fit some stuff that they can wear. But it’s also like for your family to something that’s kind of like a legacy and what you’re leaving behind. And not just, like I said, pulling names out of a hat, but choosing things with meaning. And I always think that’s that’s super cool.

Gia Sinatra: [00:30:21] Super cool. Yeah. Yeah. And so like along the way, like, I see a piece and I’m like, I’m going to name it after this person. And like, some people will find out like a surprise in the next couple of drops, like, oh, this is named after me. How fun.

Lunden Souza: [00:30:34] Yeah, no, you pick up, pick a random plan. I’m sure they’ll love it. You, like, blew up on Tik Tok right away. You, like, created your tik tok account for g irl, started talking about your plus size clothing line. And I just feel like, oh my gosh, it was just people were so excited for and so hungry for yeah. For, for this to be able to have clothing that fits and like for someone to like hear them. I remember seeing all the little like, I guess I’m not, I don’t spend a ton of time on Tik Tok, but like the little question comments that you can kind of put there and answer for people, were you surprised by that, by how fast that took off or were you just like, yeah, what did you think?

Gia Sinatra: [00:31:12] Yeah, I mean, I was shocked because the first video I posted went viral and I didn’t really put much thought into it. Like it was just like the voiceover. Like I started my own Plus-Size clothing line and then it was just like it just went by like it’s almost up to a million views and it was just like growing and growing. And so I was getting on and talking to people and yeah, I was completely blown away by the reactions that we’re getting. And, you know, I think so many people are so excited. And then, you know, some people also are like expecting this huge clothing line. And, you know, sometimes I have to go on and remind them like it’s just me. I’m self-funded. Like we’re going to continue to grow and have these things. But like, there’s only so much one person can do. I mean, not one person, because I have a huge, huge team at this point of people helping me. But you know what I mean? It’s like there’s only so much that I can do starting off. So the goal is to become a huge brand and have all these different things that we’re offering and pants and tops and all, you know, so many different things. So, you know, I try to get on and like chat with people and say I’m on Instagram and take polls and see what people want and try to make them the things that they’re looking for. And like, you know, as we grow, we’ll someday have just like.

Lunden Souza: [00:32:26] Yeah.

Gia Sinatra: [00:32:27] Absolutely. Options for for everyone. Well, everyone, you know, in a certain size range.

Lunden Souza: [00:32:33] Totally. Yeah. No, agreed. And I think it’s like how do you know what people like you can’t just like dish out a bunch of stuff. And I remember being at your house after the launch and you guys were just making some short adjustments on different things based on feedback. So it’s like there has to be that communication and feedback of like, yeah, before we make a bunch of these or make multiple and different colors and all these different options that people want. It’s like you have to make sure it fits right and it makes sense. And it’s just cool to say, Yeah, as a friend and then as people watching, just like to watch it from start to finish and your full transparency and sharing stuff on Tik Tok, answering people’s questions like telling people where to find the size chart a million times. You’re like, always sharing this means this. People still ask, you know, because they’re just so excited. They forget to look at the website or the questions or the previous videos, and you were just like, So all up in the trenches, just with people listening. And so I say that because I’m sure people listening here are using, you know, are going to your side and getting close or wanting to share their impact or their input and getting feedback from you. And you totally do that like you’re all up in your DMS, answering the questions, giving people feedback. Is that like a time consuming for you? Do you love doing that? Does it feel overwhelming or.

Gia Sinatra: [00:33:48] It can feel overwhelming at times. But I do love it. I think, you know, one thing about me that might be different than other brands is that I am plus size, just like all the women that are shopping. And I’ve been almost every size that I carry and, you know, I’ve been plus size my whole life. So I’m like, I get it. I get all of your frustrations. And, you know, so I feel like I, you know, I’m one of them, like I’m the same. So I like to get on and chat with them and like, you know, hear their concerns and all that stuff. And also being plus size, you know, sizing has always been so all over the place. Like we don’t even know what our true sizing is anymore. So if I say, oh, it’s pretty true to size, like what is true to size because our sizing is so all over the place. So, you know, it’s I totally get a lot of those questions too, because what what are everyone has a different size guide for us. I mean, I feel like straight size is kind of similar, but ours is really different where every single brand has a different size guide. So people are like, how, how do I figure out my size in this?

Lunden Souza: [00:34:54] Yeah, no. And it’s important to know that for sure. I always feel like I’m learning so many new words from you. So let me just say which ones IRL. I didn’t know that was that meant in real life until all of this straight size? I didn’t know that was straight size and plus size. I heard that at your the photo shoot where they were talking, some of the models were talking amongst themselves. And then the other word. You know what word I’m talking about? But I’m trying to remember. Is it? What is it? Snatched.

Gia Sinatra: [00:35:22] Oh, yes, snatched. Snatched.

Lunden Souza: [00:35:24] So Gia looks like a model and does all the cool things in L.A.. She’s always, like, super hip, all of her friends, and they’re so amazing, but they just are so in the know. And I’m over here like, wait, what words are you saying?

Gia Sinatra: [00:35:35] Well, a lot of the girls.

Lunden Souza: [00:35:37] What a lot of the girls a.

Gia Sinatra: [00:35:38] Lot of the models are like in their, you know, younger to mid twenties too. So that rubbing off.

Lunden Souza: [00:35:43] And women you’re rubbing off on my old.

Gia Sinatra: [00:35:45] They keep us young well this term straight size I think comes from the modeling industry. And that’s how we that’s how we differentiate between straight size and plus size models. And now there’s like other terms that have come into play of like curve models, street size and like, but the standard is you’re either straight size or if you’re like, which is so crazy about like a four, six and up, you’re like considered plus size in the industry. But now they’re kind of changing that like middle area to have a term for that if you’re like between this size. But so I would say, yeah, straight size. Straight size came from the modeling industry.

Lunden Souza: [00:36:30] Got it? Yeah. Just. I’m learning new things, and I think it’s. Yeah. Helpful to know some of those terms. So then what you’re. So let’s talk about G IRL and where people can shop, what sizes they can expect, and maybe some of the materials and stuff that you feel like is super. Yeah, super great for, for what you’re doing.

Gia Sinatra: [00:36:48] So right now we’re sizes 12 to 26, basically like extra large to a4x and in the next shop we’re going to be expanding to a5x in one of our dresses, which I’m really excited about because on tik-tok they were asking for larger sizes, so we’re going to give them a larger size. And then right now we have three different fabrics. We have satin linen and like a model, it’s like a jersey fabric. So I really wanted good quality fabrics. I think that that was lacking in our the plus size clothing of just like good quality pieces and fabrics.

Lunden Souza: [00:37:36] Cool. Yeah. And it all is so awesome. It looks so great. I’ve had the opportunity to see a lot of the pieces in real life, throughout the different phases and stages. And now it’s like, so cool to see my friend, like, doing cool shit. Her clothing is out there, people are wearing it, people are loving it. And so thank you for what you’re doing. Gi You’re bringing your gifts into the world. You’re not hibernating and complaining about anything. You’re just showing up and taking action where you see problems. And that’s why I love you, my Scorpio sister. Where can people find you guys on social media and your website? Say all that stuff.

Gia Sinatra: [00:38:10] So GI URL gia underscore URL is where you can find me on Instagram. Tik Tok Our website is and you can find my personal page at Gia Sinatra on Instagram and TikTok.

Lunden Souza: [00:38:29] Cool. And I’ll link everything in the show notes. Thank you for being here, Gia. Love you.

Gia Sinatra: [00:38:33] Thanks for having me. Love you.

Lunden Souza: [00:38:35] Thank you so much for listening to this episode of Self, Love and Sweat, the podcast. Hey, do me a favor. Wherever you’re listening to this podcast, give us a review. This really helps a lot and share this with a friend. I’m only one person and with your help, we can really spread the message of self love and sweat and change more lives all around the world. I’m London Souza, reminding you that you deserve a life full of passion, presence and purpose fueled by self, love and sweat. This podcast is a hit spot. Austria production.