Starting Your Own Clothing Line, According to Gia Sinatra

It takes a lot for anyone to put themselves out there. But for plus-size model (and my personal friend) Gia Sinatra, starting a business felt more like a calling. That’s why she developed her own plus-sized clothing brand, called Gia IRL. We recently sat down on Self Love and Sweat THE PODCAST to talk about what it really takes when starting your own clothing line and brand. Here are some of the top highlights:

Is Starting Your Own Clothing Line Really a Big Accomplishment?

The timing of Gia’s new clothing brand is a bit surprising: while she’s launching a brand, she’s also in the midst of planning her wedding. These are big moments in her life, but when she talks about both to her friends, family, and colleagues, one tends to steal the spotlight more than the other.

“I think weddings are definitely more celebrated by others than starting a business, at least in my experience. People, especially women, are more interested in talking about the wedding (and weddings in general) than my business. But I also know that everyone has their own aspirations and definitions of success. My wins might look a different to others, it’s not really a right or a wrong. Starting a business is definitely a big deal for anyone, despite how women in business are treated differently than men.”

What Did Starting Your Own Clothing Line Look Like?

From idea to launch date, it took Gia about a year to start her clothing brand. She credits her success to being surrounded by great people that brought her ideas to life.

“I really wanted to launch by the spring. That’s when the idea to me because I couldn’t find the things I wanted to wear last spring. So I hit the ground running and didn’t stop.”

A year can fly by fast, especially when starting a business. There’s a lot to consider, from branding to marketing to technology and all of the other little moving parts that make a business work. That, combined with being a woman in business, gave Gia plenty of challenges and food for thought.

“People put a lot more doubts on women’s businesses. People want to know ‘How are you going to do this? How are you going to do that?’ But I’ve been so passionate about it and believe in it so much that I never stopped to think about what would happen if it didn’t work. Everything has fallen into place so beautifully and it keeps me pushing every day.”

How Can Your Clothing Line Be Game-Changing for Others?

Gia’s clothing line is focused on plus-sized fashions, but it’s her story that adds inspiration and warmth to her designs. Being a plus-sized woman herself, Gia felt like her style wasn’t represented in the clothing options offered at other stores. So she did something about it. After sharing her frustrations online, lots of other plus-sized women validated her feelings and a friend suggested she start her own line. The rest is Gia IRL!

Gia is no stranger to problem-solving and is living proof that those who ask shall receive. For all the best details on her journey, head to Self Love and Sweat THE PODCAST, episode 76.