Getting Back On Track (Hangover Help!)

Taking a break or an extra rest and recovery day doesn’t mean you have to completely “start over” on your fitness goals. Sometimes, that break is a weeks-long hiatus due to an illness or injury. And sometimes, it’s a weekend where you were just having a great time with friends and too hungover to do anything. LOL!

That was my recent reality at a friend’s wedding, where we had three whole days of hearty foods and free-flowing alcohol. I needed some hangover help!

If you’ve been there and done that, you’ll know that feeling back to normal isn’t east in your 30’s+. Let’s talk about what to do to motivate yourself after a hangover and really push through those first couple of workouts that pretty much suck.

Remember What It Feels Like to Feel Good

Whether you’re in that feeling or not, you know what it feels like to feel good. It’s hard to remember this feeling when you need hangover help! But try hard to think about what it felt like when you were working out, eating well, not drinking alcohol, and had good habits.

After my friend’s wedding weekend, I was still feeling “meh” by Tuesday. I usually get up at 5 am but that day I was still dragging my feet at 9 am. It felt easier to keep eating terrible food and not exercising. I just wasn’t into it.

So I forced myself to think of a specific moment when I felt super good. This took some energy on my part since hangovers don’t go away as fast in my 30s as they did in my 20s. But I also knew the longer I stayed in my “meh” phase, the harder it would be to get out of it. I had to remind myself that the weekend was over and it was time to get back to reality. It’s not easy, but it helps the brain shift in the right direction.

girl sitting on the counter wearing lululemon workout clothes drinking coffee and looking out the window

Expect to Need Hangover Help

Preparing yourself to feel terrible after a night of drinking can help take the sting out of it. You’re already expecting it and you know it’s going to take a few sweaty workouts to feel better. Lean into it and know you won’t feel that way forever.

Stay Hydrated

Water is a hangover’s best friend. Ideally, you’ll drink water in between each alcoholic drink. It helps your hangover feel less like a living hell. But whether you did or didn’t, make sure you drink lots of water in the following days. It helps you get rid of bloat, shrug off the sluggishness, and keep you energized and focused.

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Walk It Off

Walking might feel like the last thing you want to do after a hangover. But walking is one of the simplest and most basic exercises you can do. It gets you moving again, even if you’re not ready to hit the gym. It’s super good for reducing stress and helping you regain your clarity. Take it slow and steady, and walk as long as you want. Even a few minutes can help you shake off the hangover and start getting back on track.

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