2 POWERFUL Mindset Tools to Regulate Nervous System, Grow & Learn

These are the 2 BEST mindset tools that have nothing to do with working out. They will be super helpful for you whether you’re totally into mindset work or you’re just starting to dive in.

1. AHA Moment Integration

Raise your hand if you’ve ever read a great book, watched an awesome Ted Talk, went to a seminar and learned SO much…but then forgot to review and revisit your notes about what you learned. It’s easy to forget about those seemingly profound “aha moments” and just go back to your regular life and routine. Maybe you made some changes…but for the most part, not really.

Integrating what we learn, thinking about what we learn, talking to others about it and attempting to further explain and process the info we learn (and then including it in your life if you find it useful), is so so so powerful. This is growth and learning at a super high level. I remember how relieved I felt when I realized (at 30 years old!) that I didn’t have to believe every single self help and personal development thing I read. I didn’t have to think that every single seminar was amazing and profound. And no matter how much you post about where you are and what you’re learning on social media…the real flex is in how you process and integrate it into your work and your purpose (even if it’s like, OMG check out this article I read that I totally do not agree with…but let’s talk about it).

If you want growth-oriented learning…integrate your AHA moments!

Here’s a rough overview on how to do that in 5 steps:
1. Learn something
2. Read it again, watch it again, listen to it again (and again!)
3. Journal or leave yourself audio voice notes: Ask yourself what you think about what you just learned. Do you agree? Is it useful for you? Does it resonate with you? Does it challenge your current belief system and model of the world? Notice what your natural bias might be, notice where your thoughts might go on a particular subject, no need to automatically stick with your first thought, just decide what is useful for who you want to be and how you want to show up.
4. Share it with someone and have a discussion about it. Try to avoid binary bias*…paint the grey area, too, and see how multiple options, perspectives and outcomes are possible.
5. Find a way to integrate it into your life.

*binary bias is a term that I learned about in the book Think Again by Adam Grant. Binary bias means a tendency to put things into 2 categories. Personally, I like to paint the picture of possibility all day long, so 2 categories is not enough. 😉

2. Breathwork Meditation

Regulating your nervous system is the new 6-pack abs when it comes to health and wellness. Let me say that again for those in the back: Regulating your nervous system is the new 6-pack abs when it comes to health and wellness!

If you feel like you are at-cause and things are happening to you all the time and your life is “all over the place” it will catch up with you. Our body cannot stay in fight or flight….and many of us live in that stress mode all day long. Breathwork meditation is a powerful tool to help us regulate our nervous system, increase blood flow to our brain and body, help us relax and tap into our parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest), increase our lung capacity and, depending on the type of breath work, energize you for a focused day OR have you sleeping like a baby. I love the book The Body Keeps The Score by Vesser van der Kolk M.D. because it really shows us the outcome of not processing our emotions and our traumas. Through modalities like breathwork meditation it can stay stuck and stagnant and present itself in un-empowering ways in our life.

With both AHA moment integration AND breathwork meditation, you really get the brain workout that’s been missing in your “body-focused fitness routine” — you feel me?

Maybe you noticed (maybe you haven’t), I have been pivoting my personal brand from being fitness-focused to being more life coaching, NLP and mindset focused, so that way you can still have powerful resources and tools for ALL areas of your life…even when you have mastered your fitness routine.

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