Fitness Chat & Overcoming the Comparison Trap with Ella Caggiano and Lunden Souza

What does fitness mean to you? How do you manage the comparison trap? And how do you make fitness about more than just what you look like or what type of physique you have? Lunden & Ella dive deep into an awesome conversation about redefining what fitness means to you, overcoming the comparison trap and staying focused on your goals and your PRs as your barometer for success.

Here’s a recap of Episode #94 on Self Love & Sweat THE PODCAST:

Redefining F.I.T.N.E.S.S.

Start by thinking about what you think about when it comes to fitness and be open to changing your beliefs. Both Lunden and Ella talk about times where the comparison trap was really present in their lives and how they were able to overcome it and grow because of it. The F.I.T.N.E.S.S. acronym goes like this: Feeling over looks, I vs. Me, Talk to self, Nutrition, Empowering ownership, Self Love & Sweat! Lunden really breaks this acronym down in this episode as well as in episode 74.

“Do you have to be shredded to be fit?”

This is a question that Ella asked herself and has really worked to answer this question with NO! There are so many different ways to look at fitness and ways to celebrate your body and your progress, and you might not always be the most shredded.

Getting out of a rut

The monotony of a training plan can sometimes feel boring and repetitive, that’s why reminding yourself of your goals, making a game out of numbers and PR’s and a great playlist can really help. You’re not always going to “feel like” doing the workouts in your plan…but that precise moment when you don’t want to and then you do it anyway, is a great opportunity for YOU to trust YOU to do what you say you’re going to do.

The comparison trap

The moment you start using someone else’s life and body as your barometer for success, is the moment you give your power away and limit yourself from unlocking what is YOUR unique superpower. It can be so easy to compare on social media and think that you don’t measure up, but you’re wasting your time if you’re not comparing you vs. you! That’s the only comparison that matters.

To listen to this full conversation with Ella & Lunden, and dive deeper into some challenges they’ve faced with the comparison trap in fitness, click here to listen to Episode 94 of Self Love & Sweat THE PODCAST wherever you listen to podcasts.