RUN or DYE!!!

HOW FUN WAS THAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had such a great time running in the Run or Dye fun run in Merced, CA this morning! It was such an electrifying and colorful experience. I wouldn’t normally participate in something like this– but of course, that’s because I had never tried it before. Note to self: before you decide if you like something or not– TRY IT DUH!!

Yes, I did get EXTREMELY messy and colorful but it was totally worth it.

The Run or Dye run is a 2.5 mile course where you can walk, jog or run through a plethora of colors….please wear clothes you wouldn’t mind getting a complete colorful makeover.

run or dye 3

What are the colors?

The colors are derived from vegetable powder and therefore are non-toxic and edible! YAY! But…that doesn’t mean that it’s not a blurry cloud trying to get through the color stations! I had to hold my breath! Talk about a color cloud.

run or dye 4

Here is a picture of me and my good friend Hilda before the race started. I have known her my entire life and I call her my sister. Hilda is the first person who introduced me to fitness and healthy living and is the reason I chose my career path. She is such a bright light and a huge inspiration and motivator in my life as well. Even though we live super far a part, it’s tons of fun to be able to get together to do a fun race like this!

run or dye 2

So, if you don’t know anything about Merced, CA…’s definitely a farm town. I had to stop in the middle of the race to take this pic with the sheep right next to us in the background. I was cracking up! Of course we would have a color run route that passes farm animals! I wonder if the goats got any Run or Dye color on them….

run or dye 1

Last, but not least, I FINISHED! It was more about fun than competition, so I just jogged a slow pace the entire time and made it to the finish in a little under 25 minutes. As you can see, I had no bib number on. I forgot to mention the line (even for people who preregistered like me) was a 2 hour wait to get all of the materials. I didn’t read the small print suggesting you get there 2 hours early to receive all of your materials— I strolled in at 8:45 ready for a 9:00 am race time. I had to get back to my parents house for a lunch BBQ so I just opted to run for fun and without the bib and without the 2 hours wait! OOoops. I still think that wait is way too long and they should iron out the details and have more pick up stations with that many registrants– but what do I know 🙂

run or dye 5

I had color all over me in every nook and cranny— but I liked it! The Run or Dye race was a great opportunity for all ages to move, have fun, listen to music & bring the community together.

Have you ever done a Run or Dye race before? Leave me comments and let me know what you thought about it.