40 Days of Positivity Challenge #40DaysPositive (Lent for anyone)

I had this idea yesterday (the day before Ash Wednesday) to start this 40 Days of Positivity Challenge after I couldn’t really think of what to “give up” for Lent. Now, I am not Catholic (I am Christian), but I have always given something up as a kid (like candy, gum or soda) because most of my friends were doing it – plus I am always up for a challenge.

This year, I wanted to bring it back. But, as most people were giving up sweets and unhealthy food or alcohol (things I don’t normally eat or drink anyway) I didn’t really think that was such a good idea for me because it wouldn’t really be a sacrifice. I eat extremely healthy and rarely drink– so now what!?

40 Days of Positivity Challenge

#40dayspositive cover photo

So, I created this calendar so that each day I could do something positive & that would make me feel good as well as others around me. Some are easier than others, but I tried to schedule the more “project” oriented things on the weekend (presuming you start on Wednesday February 18, 2015).

I want you to join me!! Join the challenge now and invite your friends! Post your pics (if you can) on social media using the tag #40DaysPositive !! I look forward to sharing this experience with you as we try really hard to use our minds to transform our lives!