30 Days of Yoga Challenge: Week 2 Recap #TakeTheLeap

Alright, so here we are at the half way point- week 2 of the 30 days of yoga challenge. What an awesome experience it has been.

one legged dog


Ah this week was rough – lots of work & traveling to be done. I had a photo shoot for Gesund+Fit Magazine in Vienna and then continued on the journey for Valentines day to Bratislava, Slovakia with my boyfriend – a country I have never been before. What does that mean? Yoga all over the world, of course!!

Here are some of the pics from the yoga challenge this passed week!


week 2 handstand

Handstand up against this pretty amazing wall during my run in Bratislava.

week 2 high lunge

Some high lunge action in front of the castle in Bratislava.


…and then tree pose inside the castle (no pictures allowed inside so we had to be a bit sneaky- but it was totally worth it)!

week 2 wheel

One of my favorite poses: wheel! Took a 1 hour yoga class & was feeling REALLY flexible so I did some more when I got home.

Even if I don’t get more than 5 minutes of yoga in a day – this challenge has really kept me mindful that I need to get it done. There were 2 days that I missed because of the long photo shoot and days of travel- but I picked up right where I left off and kept on going!

You can check out my Week 1 Recap here or join in (it’s never too late)- you can find all the info here!