Workout With Me in Linz, Austria – TWICE! (Aug 22-23)

Hey everyone – I wish I could say I was traveling the entire world and able to workout with all of you guys but that’s not the case. While I am thinking VERY big, I am starting in Linz, Austria.

So, for those of you that live in Upper Austria this is for YOU! Next weekend August 22nd & 23rd you have TWO options to workout with me. I absolutely LOVE training people and I really look forward to both of these events.

Burpee Party 5 (Aug. 22)




Yay, the Burpee Party saga continues and this is the 5th one! I cannot even believe it. You can get more information here, but in a nut-shell this is a group workout at the Ars Electronica stairs in Linz at 10:30am on Saturday, August 22nd. All you need is yourself, a mat, some water, a towel if you need it and a 5 euro donation 🙂 Be prepared to sweat, have fun and get a GREAT workout. NO WE DON’T JUST DO BURPEES. But there are definitely burpees and burpee variations in the mix. Make sure you check out the event because there are opportunities to win prizes – yay!

Runtastic LIVE Workout Party (Aug. 23rd)


Now this is the FIRST time we have done something like this. Workout, party, DJ, sweat, smiles….yup all of that! You can get more information here! This one is absolutely FREE and the more there are, the better. We will be rocking out to the tunes of DJ Andrew Fonda and hanging out at the Sandburg in Linz.

Invite your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, kids, EVERYONE is invited this weekend! I am super excited. Can’t wait to meet you and see you there.