How To Turn Stressful Days Into Successful Ones

A stressful day is different for everyone: kids driving you crazy, boss on your back, car breaks down, can’t find your keys, too much on your to-do list … you name it!

But the other day I had an epiphany…. stressful days aren’t bad. Stressful situations are situations where you are allowed to utilize your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses. How is that a bad thing? It might be tough (of course) but how amazing is that to have situations in life that can actually allow you to fight back and come out victorious? Honestly, I am writing this blog post to engrave this mindset into the very core of my being because I find myself angry and frustrated with stressful situations quite often – hey! I’m human.

Work is always busy and I am ALWAYS on-the-go – which I am totally used to and okay with but sometimes I just really miss my family and the beach, since most of you know I moved to Austria from California 17 months ago. I had to develop all new coping mechanisms and ways to release tension and negative energy since moving to a completely new country and it ain’t always that easy.

stressful day

Here are some ways I cope with stressful days:

  • Facetime with friends or family
  • Go for a walk
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Journal
  • Listen to some ghetto rap or sappy country (my fav. genres are polar opposite)
  • Get on Periscope and talk with others about it (@LifeLikeLunden FOLLOW ME :))
  • Talk with my boyfriend, he’s super supportive
  • Say a short prayer “Dear God, Thank you for allowing me opportunities to strengthen my weaknesses”
  • Do yoga
  • Do a meditation
  • SCREAM and CRY (sometimes I just gotta let it out!)
  • Smell flowers
  • Look at my awesome garden and how GIANT my heirloom tomatoes are getting and think about how I cannot wait to eat them when they are fully ripe – yum!
  • Take deep breaths and actually give thanks for each and every one
  • Make some¬†Vegan Berry Protein Ice Cream!
  • Text my dad, he’s always sends me short words of wisdom every time I text him. It’s like he knows I need it without telling him.


Those are some of my ways I cope with stressful days…I would love to hear about yours! The worst thing in the world I could ever do is pretend to be perfect – I am not at all. Ups, downs, highs, lows, I get them all. Let’s share ways we break through those tough times.