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Hey there 🙂 Super happy see ya checking out our most frequently asked questions surrounding my brand new Self Love & Sweat MONTHLY Membership program. I’ve been teasing a bit about it on social media and my newsletter – but here’s everything you need to know about the Self Love & Sweat MONTHLY membership program.

Top 7 FAQs about Self Love & Sweat MONTHLY Membership

  1. What’s so awesome about this program? Self Love & Sweat MONTHLY is such a fantastic program because it’s a CONSISTENCY program and not about quick fixes and self deprivation. Every month you’re getting a ton of VALUE & VARIETY which most webinars and online coaching programs DON’T offer. I don’t want you to just join in, tune out and maybe take some notes. I want you fully ON during our calls because you’re going to have the opportunity to be active in this group, get in your questions and be able to work together to find some custom strategies to break through what’s been holding you back. You’re in for some POWERFUL teachings to improve yourself & your health every single month!
  2. How is it different than a gym membership? It’s much different than a gym membership because we are only meeting once per month and only 1/3 of it is going to be a workout. If you have a gym or fitness studio membership at a place you really enjoy going — keep it! The Self Love & Sweat MONTHLY membership program can compliment any health, fitness & personal development program.
  3. What do I get every month? We are going to totally get after it for 90 minutes! The time is going to be broken up into three 30-minute segments: 30 minutes teaching about the particular topic of the month, 30 minutes Q&A followed by a 30-minute workout. On top of that you’re going to have access our exclusive Facebook group AND a new 5-part video series from my 5×5 with Lunden Souza personal development video series.
  4. Can I cancel at any time? If you’re not satisfied, feel free to cancel at any time! If you’ve paid in advanced for the full year, you will still have access for the remainder of the paid period but it will not automatically renew at the end of the year.
  5. Is there a special price if I sign up for one year in advanced? You know it! I love to reward people who understand the value of consistency over the long term. If you pay on a monthly basis it’s $27 per month. BUT If you sign up for one year, you’ll get a FREE MONTH OF COACHING!
  6. When are the monthly calls? Every month will be different and I will tell you well ahead of time to save the date. They’ll most likely be on a Saturday so I can be sure that as many of you can join LIVE as possible.
  7. What if I cannot make the call one month, will there be a replay? Yes, I will always record the coaching calls and send the replay out to you. However, you’ll get much more value when you’re on there live with us so you can ask your questions and connect with others.

If you have any other questions that were not covered here, please feel free to contact me at [email protected], shoot me a DM on Instagram or hit “REPLY” on any of the emails I’ve sent you I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Can’t wait to connect & vibe with you every single month.





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