What are your gluteal muscles? (+best butt exercises to strengthen them!)

Let’s cut right to it…grab your booty and say, “I love you, my gluteal muscles, for all you do for me!” Even if you’re not EXACTLY sure what their function is, we’re going to go over that today 🙂

The human body is truly remarkable and I totally geek out over the science and anatomy that goes beyond what we actually LOOK like so you can understand WHY we do the exercises we do and how they help our bodies in SO many ways.

How to get STRONG & SEXY Glute Muscles

In this video we’re going to go over:

?What are your gluteal muscles, what do they look like and what are their function?

?Use ‘em or lose ‘em. What happens when you don’t activate your glutes regularly?

?What is “gluteal amnesia”?

?Best butt exercises you can do (even without a gym!)

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