How to Get More Energy Naturally: 7 Strategies that Work!

Being exhausted all the time is no way to live life. If you’re trying to hold down a house, a job, a family, and all the other things that make up a life, you’re going to need to energize yourself in a way that allows you to show up consistently every day and be the person you need to be.

Sure, your morning coffee might give you a jolt, but if you’re crashing and burning in the afternoon, you need a better way to wake up and rock your day.

Want to know how to get more energy naturally?

Here are my 7 strategies that I use to crush it:

1. Prioritize Quality Sleep

If you’re not getting 7-9 hours of sleep each night, you’re doing it wrong! And no, you can’t “catch up” on sleep on the weekend. That’s just not how it works.

Sleep should be a priority because sleep allows you to rest and recover. It’s THE sustainable solution if you want to maintain your energy. Make your bedroom a sanctuary for sleep so that nothing messes with your resting mojo.

2. Move Your Body to Generate Energy

Stop running for your coffee first thing in the morning. Yes, enjoy your coffee, but first — get out of bed and start moving your body to generate energy. A few simple stretches or exercises only take a few minutes and will get your blood pumping first thing.

Also, move throughout the day to continue energizing your body. You can’t sit at a desk all day and expect to feel awake, alert & focused. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to get up each hour and do some movements to earn some energy.

3. Stay Hydrated

Drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated. Add some lemon, orange, berries, mint, essential oils to boost the flavor and the benefits. This helps you stay focused and prevents your body from using resources that can drain your energy. Drinking water can also help you avoid over-snacking when you’re actually thirsty, not hungry!

4. Use Essential Oils

I LOVE oils! Not just because they smell good, but also because they’re also good for you. Certain essential oils can naturally energize your mind and body. I use peppermint and wild orange, or another citrus oil like lemon, when I need a boost. I place a couple of drops in my hands, rub them together, then cup my hands, cover my nose and mouth, and inhale. (Then wash your hands when you’re done.) Learn more about how to get your doTERRA essential oils for 25% off!

5. Use Adaptogens Daily

Adaptogenic herbs help our bodies better cope with stress. They can also give us sustained energy, and they’re as natural as you can get. I use maca powder in my smoothies, which is a powerful adaptogen. Ashwagandha is another great one. I take adaptogens every day and they’ve made a huge impact in how I stay energized daily.

6. Pay Attention to How Food Makes You Feel

One thing to know about how to get more energy naturally is that food is our biggest “giver” of energy, but it can also be the biggest “taker.” Eating starchy, sugary foods will rob you blind of your energy. Healthy fats, lean proteins, and more fruits and vegetables do the opposite. Check in with yourself to see what foods you’ve been eating and how tired or energized you feel 1-2 hours after.

This is something we dig deeper into in the Mind Body Love 6-Week Online Coaching Program. I’m going to teach you ALL about what foods are actually made up of, and what their role is in the body so you can under stand WHY you’re eating them and WHAT’S going on in your body when you do. We want the food that we eat to be satisfying and give us plenty of energy to rock our day and our workouts.

7. Know Your Female Cycle

When you have your monthly cycle, your body naturally shifts its energy level. You’re not going to want to power through your toughest workout when you’re on your period, and that’s okay! Be compassionate to your body and understand you’re in a phase that deserves a little more rest. Use this time to get more sleep, tone down your workouts, stretch more, foam roll, epsom salt baths, abdominal massage using essential oils and eat well to give yourself the most energy possible, even if it’s not your typical energy level.