What workout should I do today?

What workout should I do today? That’s a much better question than “Should I workout today?” but it also requires a little more thought.

My philosophy is that action is better than inaction, BUT prioritizing the right actions at the right time is the BEST approach toward exercise.

I’ve found that a lot of people don’t work out simply because they don’t know what to do. Let’s put this age-old dilemma to rest and kick indecision to the curb:

1. What Did I Do Yesterday?

If you didn’t exercise yesterday and you’re feeling fresh, you can pretty much do any exercise you want. Your muscles are ready and recovered, so pick a workout that will hold your attention and challenge you in new ways.

If you did work out yesterday, don’t repeat those same movements or work on that same muscle group. You’ll actually get better results if you give those muscles a chance to heal while you focus on another group.

2. What Sounds Like Fun?

Everyone’s idea of fun in a workout is different. I love burpees, but I know there are people out there who I think I’m crazy for saying that. Do something that you actually enjoy or surround yourself with people who make you happy and push you to keep going. Keeping good vibes in your workout can be great motivation to get you moving.

3. How Much Time Do I Have?

Some days, you only have 10 minutes. Some days, you could go a full hour. However much time you have that day, you really need to protect it and focus just on your workout to maximize your session. Put on your blinders and eliminate distractions.

4. What’s Sore?

Sometimes, you’ll do a workout and keep feeling it days later. When this happens, don’t train those sore muscles simply because you didn’t train them yesterday. Give your muscles time to recuperate so they’re ready to take another beating.

Just listen to your body and be compassionate about where you are in your fitness journey. Your recovery time will shrink as your fitness grows.

5. How Can I Use My Workout to Make Progress in Another Area of My Life?

I’ve worked out with the intention of pulling up to new levels in my business. I would do pull-up-motion exercises, such as bar lifts, and these visuals and actions actually motivated me to perform better in other areas of my life!

There are a lot of ways you can channel a deeper meaning in your workout to make progress in other areas of your life. Think about where you want to go next and dig deeper into your needs.