Staying Motivated: 4 Tips for Maintaining Your Focus

What do you do to stay motivated? Better yet, what can you do to increase your motivation? I’ll be the first to admit that staying motivated doesn’t always come naturally. I’ve had to work hard to maintain my focus before, and it usually involves changing the way I think and approach things.

If you’re struggling to find your footing, you’re not alone. These tips on staying motivated can help you set realistic expectations and move forward.

1. Stop Chasing the Feelings; Chase the Habits

I like to think of motivation as being a habit, but too often, people confuse it with a feeling they have. That’s actually how we tend to talk about motivation – we feel motivated to do things.

But I’ve pivoted away from that because our feelings can change on a day to day basis. Habits over time lead to progress, so I prefer to look at motivation as a habit I need to build. This helps me show up consistently to those habits and make it part of my routine.

2. Maintain Your Momentum

I’ve discovered that I lose my motivation when I lose my momentum. So I’m always asking myself how I can continue to learn and grow. I look for ways to strengthen my weaknesses, fuel my body with nutrition, and spread love and good vibes. And you can get all of that in my FREE 14 Day ‘We Are Strong’ Home Workout Guide!

I execute better when I’m not just focused on the project I’m doing. I try to power my momentum in many areas, including my focus areas of Mind, Body, and Love that I’ve built my coaching business on.

3. Set Realistic Expectations

In an earlier blog post, I talked about my “why” and what I really wanted from my online coaching business and podcast. I was super motivated to do these things and create the life I always wanted, but I’ll be honest, I wasn’t super motivated to learn how to do all the technical stuff that came with podcasting.

But I was staying motivated when it came to my end goal. I’m super excited about my mission and purpose, and I go after my “why” every single day. I don’t love every single task I have to do, and that’s okay. I don’t expect to! I will say it’s not always sunshine and roses, but my motivation lies in the “why,” so don’t let single tasks take you away from the big picture.

4. Combat Your Motivation Killers

Staying motivated requires you to be real with yourself and get rid of limiting beliefs and motivation killers that are holding you back. Sometimes, this is a very hard thing to do! It forces you to be honest, even when the truth hurts, but doing so helps you identify toxic behaviors, patterns, and obstacles that are preventing you from showing up consistently. That’s what I work through every day on a one-to-one basis with my VIP coaching clients.

I’ll say it again: staying motivated doesn’t always come naturally. It takes practice, but the more you put these four tips into motion, the easier it can be to stay focused on the end result.

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