F.I.T.N.E.S.S. What does fitness mean?

What does fitness mean? Muscular bodies? Low body fat? Eating all your daily fruits and veggies? It can be all of these things, but I recently started thinking about what fitness means to me. That’s why I took some time to redefine what I thought to be true, and now I’m sharing my definition of fitness with my F.I.T.N.E.S.S. acronym.

I go into more detail on F.I.T.N.E.S.S. and what this acronym action stands for on Self Love and Sweat THE PODCAST.

Here’s a brief recap of what I shared on what fitness means and how I coach my clients to reframe how they define it, too:

Feelings Over Looks

Fitness used to mean working out and changing how I looked. I wasn’t alone either — I had lots of my mentees come to me over the years and tell me they wanted to shrink their muffin tops, tone their abs, or improve their body’s appearance. But ask me what does fitness mean today and I know it’s more important to feel great than to “look fit.” We can’t fix what’s inside by working on what’s outside.

I vs. Me

Focus on you and be better than you were yesterday. You can be your biggest competition, the biggest obstacle standing in your own way. You might think that if you’re not as fit as the person next to you, then you’re not fit — and that’s so far from the truth! Focus on your personal records, your goals, and whatever else is in your lane. Know that your only real competition is yourself. Don’t be the thief of your own joy!

Talk to Self

The way we talk to ourselves is super important. Even people who look like they have it all together can be guilty of negative self talk. They’ll hate what they see in the mirror. So the way you talk to yourself is a big part of living a healthy life — inside and out. Be aware of how you talk to yourself. I like to call it the “new clean eating,” because you eat those words every day of your life.


No surprise there! What we feed our bodies has so much to do with fitness. It affects how we feel and function. It gives us energy and helps us live our best lives. There’s no single best diet or meal plan for everyone. Figuring out what works for your body is the best approach to nutrition. Pay attention to what you eat and how it makes you feel, then adjust your eating habits as needed.

Empowered Ownership

If you find yourself losing weight and gaining it back or always starting over, look for the common denominator. In most cases, it’s you. Take ownership of your outcomes and feel empowered to make the changes you need to reach your goals.

Self Love

Ask yourself: what am I doing when I feel the most love for myself? This looks different to everyone. But once you figure it out, try to do more of those things. Let yourself know you love you.


We can’t discount movement when it comes to fitness. Any type of movement is great for your body. If you’re not sure where to start, just move toward joy. Choose movements that make you happy — you’ll be more likely to move more that way!

Get the full scoop on Self Love and Sweat THE PODCAST, episode 74.