Reach Your Goals Through Clarity and Goal-Setting

When it comes to high performers, their ability to achieve goals while maintaining a balance in life’s multifaceted demands is nothing short of inspiring. But what is the secret to their success? Clarity and goal-setting. Episode 179 of Self Love and Sweat: THE PODCAST delves deep into the transformative power of clarity in goal setting and personal development, drawing inspiration from Brendan Burchard’s “High Performance Habits.”

This episode offers a comprehensive look at how seeking clarity can significantly influence one’s ability to manage life’s complexities effectively.

Timestamps to help you navigate this episode:
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8:14 Clarity in the Goal-Setting Process
11:23 Aligning Core Values with Future Aspirations
13:56 Seeking Counsel for Clarity
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17:52 Clarity in Processes

Achieving Goals with Clarity

Clarity and goal-setting are the cornerstones of high performance. By gaining clarity in our goals, values, and daily actions, we set ourselves up for success and fulfilment. There is also the importance of mindful routines like meditation and breathwork to enhance mental clarity and focus. These routines help reduce stress, enhance concentration, and foster a sense of inner peace, which are crucial for high performance. By doing so, we are more efficient and successful in our goal-setting process.

Practical Strategies for Balancing Life and Goal-Setting

More than just inspiration, this episode provides actionable strategies for incorporating high-performance habits into your daily life. Using structured systems like Trello boards and calendars for organizing tasks helps boost productivity. Despite all these amazing technology evolutions, keep in mind your regular self-reflection, realigning actions with core values, and seeking guidance from trusted individuals or coaches to maintain balance and stay on track.

Setting Your Goals While Being Aligned with Your Values

Aligning your goals with your core values is a recurring theme throughout the episode. It’s important to take the time to internalize their goals and ensure they reflect who they truly want to be. This involves continuous self-reflection and reassessment of values as we evolve. Additionally, catching yourself in the “autopilot” behaviour is essential to ensure your actions are conscious and aligned with your intentions.

Full transcript episode 179

Lunden Souza: 2:26

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Lunden Souza: 4:33

Welcome back to another episode of Self Love and Sweat THE PODCAST. If you’re watching the video, I’m like looking down at this book that totally changed my life and is kind of what I was thinking about in regards to this podcast episode and kind of what I wanted to share and talk about. But today we’re going to talk about reaching your goals, reaching your goals with clarity and the book that I’m looking down at and that I guess I’m holding up now but that I’m using for this episode and just reflecting on especially moments in my life that I want to share with you as well where this book changed my life and where I was and where I’m at now and just how cool that evolution and process can be. So the book is called High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard. This book came out I don’t even know when this book came out, to be honest. I didn’t look it up before I started this episode but years ago, let’s see, oh, 2017. Okay, and I got the book like on pre-order, got the book right when it came out and started reading it immediately.

Lunden Souza: 5:34

So in 2017, I started reading this book called High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard, and this is a book that Brendon wrote and did extensive research on in hundreds of different countries millions of data points looking at the key habits of high performers, and high performers are people that are successful over the long term and have positive relationships and an overall happy life. And so this was really powerful for me, because I had seen people who were really successful but then didn’t have positive relationships and didn’t treat people with kindness and respect and have that quality right over the quantity of abundance. And so when I started reading this book, it just was like so amazing. And, in fact, when I started reading it, it was during a time in my life when I worked for a company in Austria called Runtastic and we were doing this really big photo shoot, and we called it the big shoot, because it was just a big time where we were shooting, I think, in three different countries in a week and we finally had started growth and momentum in this company. We weren’t a startup anymore. We got to do all these really cool photo shoots and go to all these different countries. So during that time, I started a growth and change process in my life and I started reading this book, and so when I was reading this book and going through it, I was like, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, and there were just so many moments that just resonated with me. And it was actually the book that I read that inspired me, catapulted me into leaving my job at Rentastic, in a point where actually everything was all good and great, it was just time, and it inspired me to go after my goals and dreams of working online, starting a podcast, doing my online business, coaching, all of those types of things, and yeah, so it was definitely a book that changed my life. It was on my top five favorite books that I shared on like I think it was International Book Day on Instagram. I made this little reel and it was definitely one of them.

Lunden Souza: 7:34

So in this book there’s all these key habits of high performers. Now you can go in the book and read all of them, but today I specifically want to talk about the first one and that’s what has been very helpful monumental even in me reaching my goals and just like this one in particular just speaks to me a lot in what it takes to manage a lot of different things and businesses and just a lot of what I do. This first one, for me, is just so powerful and I was texting with a friend of mine before this. I was like I need to go home, I need to reset my brain, I need to focus on this, this, this and this. And he was like, yeah, I do that regularly too. And I’m like, yeah, I just need like a filter and a filter change there.

Lunden Souza: 8:14

So the number one habit of high performers in this book and what I want to talk about today is clarity, continuously seeking clarity. The world’s highest performers the number one habit that they had was continuous check-ins, right, continuous check-ins with self for clarity and just coming back to the drawing board. And I think clarity comes in a lot of different ways when it comes to reaching our goals in life and in business and in all the things. And so when I was driving the other day, I was thinking about this episode and this topic and I was thinking about the areas that I feel very clear in and then some of the areas that feel a little bit cluttered, and I know that, you know, for those of you listening, hopefully you felt both, right, that clarity and then also sometimes that clutter where we just need to really, yeah, come back to the drawing board, revisit things, ask ourselves questions, get inquisitive, get curious and get clear, right?

Lunden Souza: 9:15

So I wrote some bullet points here, and the first one when I think about clarity is and this is totally based on, like all the mistakes I’ve made and all the things but is setting a goal and then sitting with it. Right, I think sometimes we can set a goal and then share it and post it on social media and just go after something or say we’re going to do something and just immediately the next domino knocks down into doing the tasks and making it happen and taking action, which I think is so great messy action and just doing the thing is so freaking great, right, but you’ll know when it’s time to set a goal and sit with it when you find yourself continuously setting them and then not doing what it takes to get there right. So it’s nice to be like okay, wait, okay, is this goal like what I want? Let me write it down. Okay, can I reword it? What does it mean? What does it feel like right?

Lunden Souza: 10:09

And the second tip that we’ll talk about has to do with core values. But being able to set a goal and sit with it and then consult your core values on it and be like okay, is this an alignment with who I want to be and how I want to show up in the world? And so the first one is just that willingness to set a goal and then sit with it, get clear with it and maybe share it with some people that are close to you, but like, not with the world. Not make these big declarative, like statements, if that makes sense, these big bold like I’m going to do this, I’m going to go after this, I’m going to do this tomorrow, I’m going to do this every day. I’m going to da, da, da, da da. It’s like set the goal and then chill and sit with it and see what happens. I can think of moments where that’s been very helpful, but then also not like in gaining momentum in online business and showing up on social media and doing a lot of the things and setting goals and just going after it and da, da, da and just pursuing it fast. I think was helpful. But then at a point where, yeah, I was able to choose and pick and, yeah, just get clear on those things, setting goals became even more intentional and even more something to sit with, because then when you’re pursuing it day after day, you want to make sure that those actions are leading you towards where you want to go. So setting a goal and sitting with it, getting clear on it, very helpful.

Lunden Souza: 11:24

The second one I mentioned is that continuous seeking of clarity of who you want to be and how you want to show up and your core values. Am I showing up in alignment with who I want to be and my values? Asking yourself that, right? In the book High Performance Habits, there’s a spot that it says on page 63, there’s a lot of questions that you can ask yourself to get even more clear and it says on page 63, in almost every basic question of who they were or what they wanted, the highest performers had a great ability to focus on the future and divine how they would achieve excellence. They didn’t just know who they were. Indeed, they rarely focused on their present personality or preferences. Instead, they consistently thought about who they wanted to be and how to become that. So I love that part, because that’s the core values of who do I want to be and what is that person doing.

Lunden Souza: 12:23

I coach on this in my Voice of Impact seminar. I coach on this with all my one-on-one clients who do you want to be and what does that look like? So we set core values and then we do what I call putting meat on the bones. Right, we define the values, but also get very clear and specific on what does it look like when you are showing up as that value? What does it look like when you’re not showing up as that value? Right, how can you spot the knot? And then, how do you know when it’s time to set a boundary? How do you know when you need to protect that value, whether it’s a family member, a friend, just a situation? How do you maneuver and set boundaries in order to protect who you want to be? So, in the core value structure, of course, that’s going to give you even more clarity on who you want to be. But then going back to the drawing board and consulting your core values and getting clear on if you’re actually being even more of that, adding more meat on the bones, right, as you go out and live and be who you want to be, you’ll get more evidence of like okay, this is what it looks like to be honest and trustworthy in my life with the people that I’m around. This is what it doesn’t look like. Oh shit, I had to set a boundary surrounding this core value, so I want to add that as another important factor to this value and how I protect it and what that looks like. So, clarity within the core value in general, like within doing core values and then going back and getting even more clear within your core values, right, um, so that one’s really special and important to do regularly. Um, clarity with counsel.

Lunden Souza: 13:57

Number three seeking counsel. I think that’s so helpful to get perspective. It’s hard to see the water when you’re the fish, right. It’s hard to know what you don’t know or see what you don’t see, and so whether that’s asking someone for their perspective that you trust. I have a coach that I meet with that asks me such great questions and every single Monday we meet and I just kind of share and I just gain perspective, right, gain counsel. And there’s moments where I’ll reach out to people within you know who I work with and the businesses that I run and I’ll be like, hey, I want to go through, like this spreadsheet and look through, or I have, you know these people I need to reach out to. Here’s how I want to communicate. What do you think about that? Like just different ways to get even more clear with not your own brain, but with people that you trust to give you counsel. And if you don’t have that in your life, that’s so powerful and so important. I highly suggest coaching counsel, just people that you can lean into for those moments when you just need to have that perspective so you can keep living life full out.

Lunden Souza: 15:02

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Lunden Souza: 16:57

Now let’s get back to the show. That helps a lot with clarity, with me talking it out with people that I know will give great questions, great perspectives, and then who I know will give their opinion if I ask for it or when I ask for it, if I want to. But that won’t be their first inclination, right. Their first inclination is going to help me gain that perspective, gain that wisdom. Look maybe in areas and avenues, asking questions that just, yeah, promote different strands of thought. That’s really helpful. So continuously seeking that clarity through counsel and through coaching is just another great way that I feel like I’m energetically clearing the filter, getting that clarity and just like clearing out some of that junk there. And then another tip on clarity when it comes to reaching your goals. So we have one, two, three.

Lunden Souza: 17:52

This is number four clarity in processes. So I have my podcast. I’m the director of a company here in Utah. I coach my clients one-on-one. We’re building NABA, the community, and there’s a lot happening, is important, and going back and seeking clarity within those systems and processes are just like.

Lunden Souza: 18:20

I don’t know if it’s processes or processes and, as I’m saying it right now I’m not really sure, but you know what I’m talking about. Feel free to send me a message or in the DMs on Instagram If you, if I’m just yeah, off the top of my head right now, in this moment I can’t think of how to say it Probably both it’s probably like tomato, tomato systems and processes, but it’s very helpful to have these processes and processes in place, both, and because to manage a lot of things right, it’s like getting in a good habit of working out is just as good as getting in a habit of writing things down and documenting them in a way that you remember conversations and dialogue that you might have, especially if you’re working with different clients or coaching or just meeting new people. It’s like we are taking in a lot of information and it’s great to have a very streamlined way to do that. Even in communicating with teams or like with my podcast, we use a Trello board and we have this whole process of a calendar and when I upload a podcast episode and then when my assistant does all the things to help me get that uploaded and scheduled and on time, and if we have a guest, there’s just like a lot of moving parts right. So like that’s important and powerful and if we’re going to take on what we want to take on, there needs to be a flow and a pattern that, quite frankly, is like a everyday let’s call it mundane pattern. To do precisely the opposite, to combat the mundane, right? To go after the miracles in life and to, like, squeeze all the juice out of it. We have to do the everyday, like things, those systems and processes and those steps and spreadsheets and all of those types of things. So I put here like clarity in the processes of the way things flow and the way that you do them and how, and like when’s your workout and when’s your time for yourself and when’s your work time and when you know are you making sure you’re getting in rest and time for yourself and fun, and like all of that kind of the process of the day to day. Also, in the calendars, like how are you scheduling things and are you getting clear, week by week, in what’s happening in your week, day by day, month by month? All of the above I would suggest right, just being able to know what’s happening and then consulting your core values, figuring out how you want to show up, moving any moving parts around in order to make things better.

Lunden Souza: 20:38

And then spreadsheets too. I have a lot of spreadsheets that I use as we’re building this community, as I’m the director of a company. There’s just a lot of conversations and things that happen that we have to sit down and refine and get clear and move people around in terms of, yeah, just move spreadsheet cells around, add different things. Even in finances I have spreadsheets in terms of things I want to pay off or save for. And it’s one thing if you make something and you get excited, like I said, setting a goal, and then you just go after it and you make the spreadsheet and you set this goal and it’s you want to save for this or you want to, I don’t know just do anything it’s like. And then we actually have to sit down with the calendar and the spreadsheet and do the thing and tally it up and save the money or pay off the bill or contact the people that we need to contact. That’s in our spreadsheet and all the details right.

Lunden Souza: 21:31

All of that needs continuous seeking of clarity, and that’s why things like counsel are important, because it’s not easy all the time. We don’t always want to do it right, and that’s why things like counsel, are important, because it’s not easy all the time. We don’t always want to do it right. That’s why you know getting clear on your values and getting motivated and charged up by those values and like who do I want to be and what does this look like? That makes doing the thing, even when it’s not fun, a lot better when you know that who you want to become in the process and you’re fueled by the becoming in the process. So, yeah, clarity and all the nitty gritty, right.

Lunden Souza: 22:12

And then another thing that’s great to get clear on is like our feelings, like in terms of the feeling that we’re feeling as we go throughout our day. Are we feeling stressed, are we feeling scattered, autopilot, all of that. And I ask myself a lot like okay, well, am I feeling how I want to feel? And if the answer is no, I know that things like meditation and a lot of other tools, breath work that I do and I coach on, really help a lot with getting in that feeling and getting in that space of attraction, of magnetic force, of drawing in more of what we want, right? If we walk around with a bad attitude all day while we’re seeking clarity and all this, we’re not going to get more of what we want in terms of our day-to-day life experience and we’re not going to be vibrating at a frequency that’s going to allow what is ours and of our highest good to come towards us. And so I put here #catch yourself in autopilot, because we need to make sure that we don’t catch ourselves in autopilot or that we do right, and then we celebrate it and we get ourselves back into that very conscious present state of being where productivity and then also surrender can happen right, because when we’re going after our goals, there’s a lot of stuff.

Lunden Souza: 23:17

And there’s actually another book I love. It’s called ” not how. So it’s like sometimes we get so caught up in the how and how we’re going to do it right, but there’s a lot of potential in who we might meet and in that who find the how and how they can help us and how we can integrate and all of that. But that’s a really, yeah, awesome book. There too, I love that book, but mainly, like I said, this book High Performance Habits and all of the habits that Brendon Burchard talks about are so great but specifically the clarity piece continuously seeking clarity and clarity on that feeling oftentimes can attract somebody in a situation that can move and manipulate or help you in a way that can get you to your goal, in those moments where how just seems like, oh, okay, a lot. So a quick recap of those points that we talked about. There were one, two, three, four, five.

Lunden Souza: 24:17

So, setting a goal and sitting with it, practicing that, trying that continuously, seeking clarity on who you want to be. Remember, this is the generating of the core values and who you want to be and how you want to show up. And then it’s also the clarity coming back to our values and being like, okay, how is this showing up? How am I being? Is this like lining up to how I said? And like, how can I, you know, blossom even more flowers of these core values? Of like this is what it looks like in real life. Seeking counsel, asking for that perspective, getting people that can listen and ask really good questions.

Lunden Souza: 24:55

Clarity in all of the nitty gritty details, like the processes, the calendars, the spreadsheets, who does what and how, revisiting that regularly, reminding yourself to revisit that regularly, finding what works for you, right, if it’s a digital thing, if it’s a paper thing, um, I like both. And when you’re doing things online and communicating with other people and collaborating on things online. Things just work better. But for myself, sometimes I like to have written stuff to get clear, so that’s helpful. And then also getting yourself in the right feeling clarity from meditation and breath work and just recalibrating a little bit that feeling that we want to feel and that helps so much with getting clear. It’s just so hard to decide who you want to be and get all the nitty gritty details and all of that If you’re feeling frazzled and scattered and not in a space to have a tool belt of some resources that can support you in that process. So that’s what I do in my coaching and I offer that you know one-on-one and also other resources that you can get to help with a lot of that. All right, let’s find my center, so then we can start to add who we want to be and what that looks like in real life and then continue to get clear on that.

Lunden Souza: 26:07

Um, I guess really quickly, I’ll read some of the questions that are in this book as we close. Um, these are the questions that he puts in the book. That’s um, they are which things are you absolutely clear about that help you perform better than your peers? What do you focus on to stay clear about what matters most? What aren’t you clear about, and how does that affect your performance? What do you do when you’re feeling uncertain or undirected? If you had to explain to someone you were mentoring what it is that makes you successful, what would you say? What else do you know about yourself beyond your values and strengths and plans that makes you successful? So, yeah, chunked down clarity and then chunked up clarity are very helpful.

Lunden Souza: 26:54

The nitty gritty details of what that looks like in real life and all the systems and processes and the details, but then also the chunked up clarity, like who you want, to be right, what does that mean? What ripple are you going to make? And going after that? Right, reminding ourselves in terms of that feeling of like no, this matters, like it’s hard now, but it matters. How can I get clear? Ooh, recharge that feeling and then dive into some of those you know, like administrative tasks and things that we don’t want to do. Like revisit our goal list. Like look at our calendars, look at the things, do the things, repeat the things. Right, it’s not always hunky-dory when we’re processing goals and reaching things and climbing mountains and being you know, um, yeah, just being and reaching even more of our full potential. We just need to keep on climbing that mountain. So hopefully these tips for clarity are helpful. Grab that book high performance habits. I’ll link it in the description or the show notes wherever you’re listening to this or watching this.

Lunden Souza: 27:57

Uh, thank you for listening and if you had any aha moments from this episode, I love hearing them, so feel free to share them with me on Instagram. It’s probably the best way you can DM me. I’m at lifelikelunden L-I-F-E-L-I-K-E-L-U-N-D-E-N on Instagram. You can just shoot me a DM and tell me what spoke to you or stood out the most, what you’re getting clear on, how you stay clear. And thank you so much for listening. We’ll see you at the next episode. Bye, thank you so much for listening to this episode of Self Love and Sweat the podcast. Hey, do me a favor Wherever you’re listening to this podcast, give us a review this really helps a lot and share this with a friend. I’m only one person and with your help, we can really spread the message of self-love and sweat and change more lives all around the world. I’m Lunden Souza, reminding you that you deserve a life full of passion, presence and purpose, fueled by self-love and sweat. This podcast is a Hitspot. Austria production.