HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME: 26th Birthday Workout

It’s my birthday today…yay!! I am 26 years old today. So, of course I have a great birthday workout for myself to share with all of you (in hopes you too will do this workout on your birthday– or any other day for that matter).

There are 15 exercises in this workout, and the number of reps that you do depends on your age! So today, I did 26 reps of the 15 exercises. Yes, I was dripping sweat afterwards– it was awesome!! What better way thing to give yourself than the gift of health on your birthday, right?? That’s what I’m sayin’…

happy birthday to me

Check out the video for a video demonstration of all the exercises!!

Here are some really great gifts I got this year. Everyone knows me SO well and my gifts definitely have a fitness theme!

birthday gifts

I got a BOSU ball, resistance bands, a homemade candle & an amazingly delicious and healthy “cake” from my boyfriend, his parents, his sister & her boyfriend. I sold all of my workout equipment when I moved from USA to Austria and missed my BOSU ball soooooooooo much 🙂  I am so glad to be reunited with this excellent piece of equipment.

You can find a great leg workout to do with a BOSU ball –> here

You can find a great workout for your back using a resistance band –> here

You can find the recipe for my healthy birthday cake –> here

birthday gifts 5

birthday gifts 4

I absolutely LOVE tea. I drink tea (usually green) like 3-4x per day. However, I love tasting all different kinds of tea. I got a Kusmi Tee variety pack from my boyfriends grandparents. They got it from my favorite coffee shop in Linz, Die Brüher. If you live in Linz, or are planning to visit here- you absolutely have to go there. It’s a small little gem with excellent tea, coffee & espresso. I also got this cute smiley mug & lose leaf “fitness” tea from my co-worker girls. So many different types of great teas to try out!

birthday gifts 2

My co-worker girls also got me a food scale. Now, I am not one to obsess over measuring my food anymore. I initially did it to get really good at being able to “eye ball” proper portions. But, since I have moved to Austria the measurements for cooking & baking are in grams instead of cups. I have had such a hard time figuring out what different foods “weigh” and this is such a great tool for that! Plus, what a great green color. I will probably use it more often just because it’s so cute!

birthday gifts 3

I absolutely LOVE to read and LOVE Jillian Michaels. I have been trying to read 1 book per month this year and have read some really great titles so far. The last book I read took me 3 months to read (it was really long) so I am really excited to start this new one I received from my fellow yoga loving co-worker:  Unlimited: A Three-Step Plan For Achieving Your Dreams. I had the absolute pleasure of hearing Jillian speak at Blog Fest this year and have read her first book Mastering Your Metabolism, so I am really looking forward to diving into this book as well. Perfect for my flight to Nice, France this weekend! 🙂

birthday gifts 6

…and last, but not least, my adorably awesome co-worker Alex got me these insanely cute cup cakes (outside of the fitness themed gifts). But seriously, a cupcake with a face that’s eating a cookie — so COOL!  I did the Birthday Workout this morning – so I definitely am excited to try these out. I don’t normally ever have sweets– maybe 3-4x per year. But these are super cool and look delicious.

Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes!!

xoxo, Lunden