Quick, EFFECTIVE, intentional, at-home workouts are the absolute best. I rarely go to the gym anymore and I feel super strong using bodyweight exercises like these and useful pieces of equipment like dumbbells and booty bands.

This core and cardio workout at home is pretty tough but absolutely doable. I feel like planks are kind of like running, at first it seems really tough and “OMG!” but then you make a lot of progress really quickly. I do show regressions for each exercise in the how-to videos seen below…


4 exercises|40/20 intervals|2 rounds – You can be coached by listening to the Voice Guided Workout right here:

1. Low plank

Coaching tip: Keep your shoulders, hips and feet in a line when in the low plank. To protect your low back, activate your glute muscles and lower abdominals by tucking your hips and tailbone under. Shoulders away from your ears and keep your gaze downward to maintain a neutral spine.

2. Burpees (any variation you prefer)

Coaching tip: This can be a challenging exercise – AND feel free to make it more challenging if you wish by adding a push-up or a tuck jump at the top (or both!). This is the only cardio exercise in our circuit so it’s really important that you make these burpees count while maintaining proper form.

3. Low side plank (left)
4. Low side plank (right)

Coaching tip: If you were looking at yourself from above in this side plank position, make sure your body is nice and straight like a plank. Avoid sticking your butt out making more of a “V” shape with your body – and instead think of this exercise for exactly what it is…a plank on your side. You’re also going to want to really lift your hips up away from the floor which is going to require a lot of outer thigh and booty activation — get excited about that! 🙂 You can lift up that top leg if you want an added challenge.

For more motivation and Voice Guided Workouts, check out Self Love & Sweat THE PODCAST wherever you listen to podcasts.