8 Tips To Prevent Overeating (and get your summer bod)

I put together this list for you guys because, I AM GUILTY OF IT TOO! We are all guilty of overeating at times, and this isn’t necessarily “bad” or the end of the world. But, as summer is approaching, a little bit here and a little bit there can add up. I came up with this list of tips to prevent overeating when I was actually doing #2 without realizing.


With this posting, I want to promote mindfulness and awareness of what you are putting into your body – not obsession. Some of us go into eating auto-pilot and aren’t even thinking about what is going into our mouths. This is your reminder to pay attention and to be aware of what you are putting into your body.

Perhaps some of these points will resonate with you, and others not so much. Maybe you can add to this list as well, I always love new ideas.


Tips to Prevent Overeating

1. Don’t take the whole bag to the couch (or to your desk)


I am guilty of this when it comes to nuts. I love snacking on raw, unsalted mixed nuts for a snack. In fact, a handful of raw almonds & an apple is a snack I have quite often. But, dun dun dun, then the bag is gone. This isn’t good because, while nuts are super healthy, they have tons of  fat and are loaded with calories! This rule also goes for chips & ice cream!! Portion it out.

2. Chew gum while cooking

Now, this only goes if you are making a recipe you have made before…. sometimes the taste test is crucial when you are trying out a recipe for the first time. I often make these deliciously healthy cookies  and am guilty of eating the batter (there’s no eggs, don’t worry). But then it’s like, where’s all the batter to make the healthy cookies I wanted to make???? Gotta pop in a piece of gum for this recipe.

3. Skip appetizers

Oftentimes the appetizer can be a full meal. If you are only eating out on special occasions, shit, have an appetizer. But for those of you who eat out a lot, or go on a lot of business lunches/dinners … skipping an appetizer is totally fine.

4. Don’t drink your calories

Water, water, water!

5. Take 1/2 to-go…immediately

One time I was eating at the Cheesecake Factory with my mom and boyfriend, and the lady next to us asked for a to-go container WITH her meal so she could pack half of it to-go right away. Great idea! Especially because the portions at that restaurant are ridiculously huge. I had to tell her how awesome that was & she was happy to hear the compliment.

6. Don’t be afraid of seconds…if you REALLY want it.

It’s better to serve yourself less, realize you are still hungry & then get more than to serve yourself WAY to much and then feel obligated to eat it (or eat it unintentionally) just because it’s there. Take a smaller portion, eat it, drink some water, wait 10-20 minutes and then get more if you are REALLY still hungry. How many times have you said “Ah, I am so stuffed!” and then still took a few more bites?

7. Use a smaller plate

The less space you have, the less food on the plate. BUT, it actually looks like more because the food takes up more space on the plate. BOOOYAH!

8. Eat more veggies

Vegetables are full of fiber (not to mention amazing nutrients) & make you full! I always make sure that I have veggies with every meal and snack. If you’re full, you’re most likely not going to eat anymore…right?