Top 20 Things I Learned in My 20’s

As most of you know, I celebrated my 30th birthday this past weekend. The idea of turning 30 was somehow this big milestone in my head. I thought when it finally arrived, a magical shift would happen inside and boom – in my 30’s! But, of course, it really wasn’t that way. I still woke up this morning (30 years and 3 day old), did my meditation and morning walk, had breakfast and continued on.

But if you know me, you know I am in love with reflection and digging deep inside for insights and learnings and ways I can feel, perform and serve the world better.

So on Monday morning (30 years and 1 day old) I sat down in front of my infrared lamp and made this list…

20 things I learned in my 20’s…

    1. What you tell yourself becomes your truth. I told myself for so many years (basically my whole life) that I was afraid of heights. However, my recently found love for skydiving and zip lining have proved the heights thing wrong. I’m now questioning everything I’ve “always told myself.” Even if it turns out to be my truth, at least I took the time to figure that out.
    2. It’s more about the HEART than the hustle. You can work, work, work all day long and put in a ton of hours – but when your heart is in the right place and you’re dedicated to your mission, it’s really not a hustle at all.
    3. Surrounding yourself with supportive people is everything. And to be honest, the people that truly support me the most aren’t always the ones I’ve known the longest. Let actions speak.
    4. If what you’re going after doesn’t scare you a bit, it’s not big enough. Your goals should spark that fire in you that makes you wanna jump out of bed in the morning – even on those tough days. Get after it!
    5. You don’t have to accomplish everything right now. This is the hardest one for me even though I truly believe it.
    6. Family, family, family (blood or not). Put those people at the top of your priority list and always have their back – ALWAYS. Even when it’s hard and even when it means speaking up when shit gets rough.
    7. You can get to know a person a lot by asking them for their book recommendations. I am forever grateful to my beautiful friend Juliana for recommending the book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. I grew to love her so much more as a person just by knowing she loved this book as well.
    8. Working IN is way more worth it than working out. Meditation, reflection, massage, a nice bath, noticing the beauty around you is SO much more rewarding than a HIIT workout. And I LOVE HIIT workouts.
    9. Social media or in person, be you. When I travel around the world teaching Runtastic LIVE Workout Parties, I feel that the best most rewarding compliment I get all the time is, “I feel like I already know you because I always watch your Instagram Stories.” Make up, no makeup, tired, scared, sad, happy – whatever…I show it.
    10. What people say about you is really a reflection of how they see themselves. If someone says something hurtful to you – just pretend that they are looking in a mirror…because they are.
    11. LAUGH! It’s fucking amazing. And when you’re not feeling it…fake laugh until you make yourself laugh. And then you’ll laugh at yourself and it’s just THE BEST.
    12. Investing in your physical and emotional health is #1. It’s your greatest wealth in the whole entire world.
    13. Being busy isn’t cool – you can’t get time back. Saying your “too busy” is a cop out. Instead of saying that, I explain to people why something doesn’t fit in my schedule and what my goals are that I am currently focused on. Don’t let “busy” get in the way – you have more power over your life than that.
    14. Quality communication is key. Learn how to express yourself clearly. Don’t lash out and go crazy on people without having literally spoke it out loud to yourself. Practicing communication is one of my favorite things to do.
    15. Give a shit about what you eat and where it comes from. Even though I don’t eat meat, I think it’s totally fine if people choose to – but know where it comes from and be able to look it in the eye. Respect it! Same goes for vegetables and fruits – meet with the farmers, get to know their names and build relationships around food consumption.
    16. SLOW DOWN. I started taking 3 deep breaths before I eat because Lord knows I could probably scarf down that post-workout meal before the 3 breaths are over. Give yourself buffer time in between meetings. Take a lunch break & chew.
    17. Don’t dwell on the past. Your life is moving forward whether you want it to or not – the best thing you can do is make your NEXT decision better.
    18. Nobody is to blame for your life’s circumstances. Stop pointing the finger at other people, it’s not their fault. It might not be your fault either – but you sure as heck shouldn’t give THEM the power. OWN IT. What can YOU do to make sure this doesn’t happen again.
    19. Yoga is THE BOMB. I started when I was 17, but really found the importance of it (beyond the workout) in my 20s.
    20. 30 isn’t old. #notetoself

So this is what I learned in my 20s and I am really looking forward to my 30’s. I know that there is a lot in store for me and most importantly a lot for me to LEARN and DISCOVER. I know I will constantly remind myself of #5 probably for the rest of my life, but if I continue to come back to #16, everything will be fine.