The 3 BIGGEST Misconceptions About Being On Camera

Hey friend! Hope you’re having a great day so far! So cool that you want to get better or are curious about getting better sharing your message on camera. I have been doing it now weekly (oftentimes more!) for the last 8 years and I have made all the mistakes under the sun.

I wanted to share some really common misconceptions people I work with have when we start to work on improving their on camera presence and sharing their message with clarity.

The top 3 on camera misconceptions (in my opinion)

1. It’s super complicated to setup

WRONG! All you need is a quiet space hopefully FACING a window with some light coming through, your phone to film you and maybe some wireless headphones if you want to make EXTRA sure the audio is great (these are the headphones I use). It takes less than 10 minutes once you get the hang of it. Sometimes I use one of those tripods with a clip to hold your phone OR I just stack up a bunch of boxes and books (sometimes furniture) and lean my phone against a cup or some other sturdy object…not gonna lie 🙂 There are SO many ways to find a way to create a setup that rocks!

Here’s an actual picture from today that my friend took while I was making a video earlier…I needed the camera to be a bit higher to get a better angle…insert the very technical and complicated amazon prime box :p

2. Your hair & makeup have to be perfect every single time you do video

You don’t wanna look like a complete slob (even tho sometimes I make videos coming back from the gym all sweaty…) but you also don’t wanna make video content with your hair perfect and dramatic makeup if that doesn’t “feel like you.” You won’t feel comfortable talking from your heart if you don’t feel like you look like yourself. Professional hair and makeup can TOTALLY be nice for a little pick-me-up or confidence boost…but don’t let that be a roadblock preventing you from sharing your message and getting more comfortable on video.

3. You need to have hundreds or thousands of followers for your videos to matter

I call BULLSH*T on that one. Our story can change the lives of others and be so liberating in our own lives, too. Whether you’re running your business online or sharing about a local charity event you’re organizing & excited about about with your friends on Facebook — it ALL matters.

Now I thought you might be wondering, “What does it look like to feel and be SUPER COMFORTABLE on camera?!”

And today I did an incredible Facebook LIVE video with my VIP coaching client, Jessica, she’s a wife, mom of 2 and bookkeeper & tax preparer who has been working with me now for 6 months!

She is a GREAT example of what it really looks like to BE YOU and comfortable with it on camera. She’s a real person with a real passion!

Yes, we have been working on sharing her message on camera, hosting her own webinars and speaking with intention — but it comes off so natural…because IT IS!

Check out this clip right here….

Did you hear that?

She said, “I wasn’t confident with it at first and now I feel like I could do it every single week!”

::proud coach moment:: ??

Now Jessica rocks at it because…

  • she was committed to excellence here and she really practiced
  • she’s okay with not sounding perfect because she has CLARITY in her message
  • she has as setup in her home that feels good for her
  • she’s talking about something she loves and knows very well
  • she’s a working mama and wife who doesn’t get dressed up too often, but she knows a little attention to her hair and makeup on video in a natural way will help her feel good and confident and help others to see her as the professional that she truly is!

It is INTENTIONAL, but it’s not complicated once you know my 5 Basic Principles to get SUPER COMFORTABLE On Camera. 

I am going to pull back the curtain on March 1st and teach you those 5 principles in my BRAND NEW on-camera training!

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Let me know if you have any questions, okay? Here’s that link again to save your spot for the training – it’s gonna be epic!

– Lunden