15 Home Workouts You Can Do With Me

Working out at home anytime, but especially right now, is so amazing and really effective. Working out helps boost our energy, shake out any stressful feelings or thoughts we may be holding on to and overall just makes us feel really good. Even if you’re not SO excited going into a workout, you’ll always feel better when it’s over.

Over the last 3 weeks I went LIVE on both my Facebook page and Instagram page every weekday so that we could all get moving together during this time. Seriously, how awesome was it working out all together? We did HIIT workouts, yoga, cardio, booty, upper body, abs — ALL OF IT!

So I downloaded these 15 home workouts that we did and uploaded them to a Home Workouts playlist on my YouTube channel so that you could continue to watch these videos, redo your favorite workouts and have some positive vibes, sweat & support no matter where you are in this world.

15 real time workouts you can do at home

Here’s the playlist with all 15 sweaty home workouts:

Keep sweating my friends! We cannot have momentum in our lives without motion…so please DO NOT stop moving <3