How to Overcome Self-Doubt and Stop Breaking Under Pressure

I recently got a DM from one of my podcast listeners (Hey, Anna!) that asked how to manage feeling anxious and overwhelmed when you try to change part of your life. Anna mentioned she found it hard to overcome self-doubt and avoid breaking under the pressure while trying to navigate these changes, even though she knew these changes were supposed to get her on a better track.


Do you feel like Anna at times? I know I have, and I agree that it’s not easy to gain confidence when trying something different.  It happens a lot when you’re trying something new, be it a new job, training program, relationship, anything that feels uncertain in the beginning. Those feelings won’t really go away, but you can get better at managing them and how you respond to them in your mind.

I’m here to honor that struggle and give you some actionable tips to help you overcome self-doubt and put yourself in a position to succeed.

Let’s go!

Check Your Circle

Is it a circle, or a cage?

If you don’t feel inspired by your circle of friends, you don’t have a circle. You need to surround yourself with people who build you up, not talk you out of your dreams and goals.

Share Your Struggle to Overcome Self-Doubt

Everyone needs an outlet for their questions, concerns, and fears. That’s why getting out of that cage and into a real circle is so important!

Focus on the community of people around you. Share your struggle with them to see what advice they can offer or other ways they can build your confidence during this uncertain journey. Don’t try to hold it all in — share early and often so that negative thoughts aren’t taking up all your mental capacity.

Follow Your Why

Follow your heart. Put it down on paper and remember why you’re going through this struggle in the first place. Always come back to your “why” so you know why you’re figuring out all this new-ness. This is your foundation, so always start here to get your inspiration to move forward.

Know These Thoughts Aren’t Going Away

You may always have the need to overcome self-doubt in various parts of your journey. These thoughts pop up on their own. But remember that you are NOT your thoughts — you are simply the observer of your thoughts.

You can refrain from listening to these voices and choose to focus on uplifting thoughts instead.

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Be on an active pursuit to step outside of your comfort zone. Discomfort comes with the territory. You’re doing something new, something you may not be great at in the beginning. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get better at it. Proactively do things that make you uncomfortable so that you can get better at trying new things with a great attitude in place.

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